First Female Doctor?

I think someone was April Fooled.

I should explain. DrWhoTV did an April’s Fool’s prank this weekend where they declared that the new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman–who says she doesn’t even know her character’s name yet–is not coming aboard as the new companion, but as the new Doctor. Matt Smith will be killed and regenerate during the Christmas special, leaving us with our first female Doctor in time for the 50th anniversary year. Hahaha, very funny, April Fools, etc. For those of us chomping at the bit for a female Doctor, it was almost mean.

That was until the Daily Express seems to have picked up that story and started running with it. Not saying that Coleman would be the new Doctor, but instead

DOCTOR Who will turn into a woman when the show marks its 50th anniversary next year, Day & Night has been informed.

The show’s bosses are planning to change the character’s gender after half a century, with Sherlock star Lara Pulver,
31, being tipped among the front runners for the role.

Ah. Yeah. Ok, guys. You know, I love the idea of a female Doctor and all, but this–yeah, I just don’t see it.


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