New Hobbit Footage–Sadly No Video Yet

I held out all day, hoping for a leak onto the web. Sadly no. So we’ll just have to make do with’s description of the scene that Jackson showed at CinemaCon.

“There’s also a significant scene where Gandalf is presenting ‘the Immortal Blade’ to a council made up of Christopher Lee’s Saruman, Cate Blanchett’s Galadriel, and Hugo Weaving’s Elrond as they discuss the sword’s origins and how Gandalf was able to get it from the crypt of the Witch King where he was buried in a tomb covered with spells preventing it from being opened.”

“We then see Gandalf going through that same tomb, peering around a corner when a bird flies out and startles him, and standing behind him is a dwarf – one we couldn’t identify or remember, thought it was a kindly older dwarf rather than a warrior like Thorin. The birds flying around land on his head as if his hair was a nest and he puts his cap over them. With his staff, Gandalf lights up the way ahead which is a steep stairwell leading straight down.”

We knew there’d be added scenes a la GoT, since we won’t be limited to Bilbo’s POV. But I didn’t realise until now just how gosh darn excited I’d be to see them.


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