Milan Fashion Week Spring 2013 RTW: Gucci

So much of the shows in Milan were white, white and more white. Gucci was such a relief with his incessant rainbow of taste.

Just from the moment the first model walked out in hot pink, I knew this was one of the lines I would cover. Love the buttons down the left side of the jacket.

The colors came in both solids (here with lovely blousey sleeves) and in large floral patterns.

I assume this was a nod to the omnipresent white the Italians insisted would be in this season. Thankfully Gucci made sure the adornments weren’t dull.

We returned to color in simple drapey pants-centric outfits in coral and it’s paired pattern.

Then into dark blue with oversized bell sleeves and an oversized mini dress.

The belted pants suit comes in many colors, as we learned during Hillary Clinton’s pants suit phase. I was surprised that the patterned version was paired with purple.

I'[m not one for yellow, but I love the collar on the left.

When we lost color, we gained an interesting large holed mesh at the top of the bodices. On the left it worked–perhaps because the think collar helps as an anchor? On the right, the blousey slleves somehow just ruin the effect.

Have I mentioned the Italians insist white is in? Sigh.


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