Milan Fashion Week Spring 2013 RTW: Moschino

Moschino‘s Rossella Jardini said she was inspired by Audrey Hepburn, and was she ever. Even before I read that, you could see the 06’s classic Two For The Road all over this collection.

The heavy black and white lines lend an air of a child’s drawing to this outfit, but also call to mind the thick lined prints of the swinging 60s. I’m not a fan of the riding hat though.

The black and white paper-doll like clothes dominated the first half of the show.

The mini dress on the left with its enormous silver sequins is straight out of Hepburn’s wardrobe. What’s new is old again and what’s old is new and fashion is just a serpent devouring its own tail for inspiration.

Just before thinks went to color and Betty Boop stopped being able to find work, the patterns made sure to show off in black and white what we’d be singing in a minute….

And with that, cartoons went to color. Note that the outfit on the right is not an exact match to the one above, but darn close. Meanwhile the solid crimson on the left is only marred by the labelled belt.

The same thick lines from earlier come back now in loud primaries, but somehow in color they don’t feel quite so much like paper doll clothes. Why is that? Does color really affect our judgement so profoundly? Discuss.

Oh, flower child florals . How much I love thee. Even in yellow.

Watch the trailer I linked too above and tell me you cannot see the direct line from Hepburn to the outfit on the right.

This being the second decade of the 21st century, the line had to eventually go places the 6th decade of the 20th could not. Thus we see the daringly see thru outfit on the left.

But in the end, it’s all about the 60s and the hippie children and their eyelet styles.


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