ElfQuest Might Be Coming To The Big Screen

There’s only once graphic novel I ever read, and that was ElfQuest. But a movie? I’ve been pretty tepid on the idea, mostly because I simply could not imagine anyone doing the lush visuals and kooky plotlines any sort of justice on screen. Someone with total commitment would have to go full Peter Jackson on the material to even begin to hope to pull it off. There’s just no way, right?

Well, apparently Warner Brothers agreed with me and let the rights lapse. Some indie company who are pals of the Pinis (the creators of the series) have scooped them up and are threatening to go forward with blessings.

Which indie company? Oh, only the same ones that brought you the cheesetastic low-budget trailer ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining:

Look, ElfQuest, I love you, but let’s not do this, ok? Because I just don’t think it could possibly end well. Can it?


One thought

  1. Ohh…..LORD. I started reading ElfQuest when I was about 8, and collected the entire run in individual comics. (Including the lesser & forgettable spin-off comic about mer-elves, the Wave-dancers.)

    I absolutely loved Elfquest; the stunning illustrations, the well crafted fantasy plots. For years there was talk of turning the series into a movie. It was usually mentioned in the context of becoming an animated film, which would serve it perfectly.

    This trailer, while well-meaning, is so damn comical — but not in the way they’re going for. The actors aren’t talented enough to deliver us beyond the cheese. The outfits & hair are spot on, I’ll give them that. But…no. Just no. If you can’t do this to the level of Peter Jackson, as you say, it will simply be a giant silly mess.


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