Colin Baker Not Back for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

As the only actor who as ever fired from the Doctor Who role, it’s not exactly surprising (though perhaps it is a bit disappointing to completionists)  that he’s not being asked back for the 50th Anniversary. What is surprising is his claims that no other Old Who Doctors will be back either.

[H]as Colin been asked to reprise his role as the sixth Doctor? His reply: “No. As far I know, neither of any of my erstwhile colleagues have been asked either.”


His excuse as to why that is doesn’t hold water, by the way:

 “I haven’t been approached to do a Doctor Who movie. I think they would be scraping the bottom of the barrel if they asked me to do it. All you have to do is hold up a picture of what I look right now and what I look like then and you’d know why.”

Pressed further about a possible cameo role instead, he said: “A what? What’s a cameo role, darling? Does that mean a small part? Urgh! I suppose I might. I don’t know. I find it a bad idea to say what would you do if you were asked, which is why I’m going to say no, I probably wouldn’t appear in any movie. They would have to persuade me.”

Well, perhaps Mr. Baker hasn’t aged well, put I’ll have everyone know that Peter Davidson returned for Time Crash, and that was one of the most memorable (and bloody fantastic) red nose clips they’ve ever done.

Could this be true? Could New Who simply be trading on the 50th anniversary to get us all to watch and yet not tap into *any* of the Old Who Doctors? I’m not going to say I haven’t noticed the disturbing trend of New Who to ignore Old Who when doing certain specials (Seriously, we have a “Doctor Who Companions” special that started with Rose, like no one had ever come before her. This is a problem.) But I cannot imagine they would do that here–not when it comes to the 50th anniversary, which is predicated on including ALL the years of Doctor Who all the way back to 1963.

Unless of course, Baker has the right of it and the Old Who Doctors are just that–Too Old. And the plan is to CGI them ALL in, not just the dead ones. For the record? That would make me sad.

Is Colin Baker just ruining Who again for the fans?


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