Game of Thrones Casts Roslin Frey

As much as I wonder exactly how Robb’s change in wife from the milksop Jeyne Westerling to the far more intelligent Talisa–a character almost too strong and to intelligent to ever marry Robb Stark.

There were suggestions that changing this character might be the butterfly wings that change larger things down the line. But I couldn’t believe it would really change the BIG things. As they say in Doctor Who, certain events are “fixed points.” There are four events in Storm of Swords I would characterize as being “fixed points,” and changing wives around should not–and cannot–effect the ultimate outcomes from them.

And though there have been casting hints that the show intended to honor one of the biggest “fixed points” of the novel, this week we’ve gotten out biggest hint yet that episode nine of season three will be as hard to watch as it was in season one.

Roslin will be played by British newcomer Alexandra Dowling. This is her first major role.

Poor Roslin Frey. She’s actually not so bad looking, for a Frey. Just think, if Robb had just been a little less bullheaded and married her (and kept Talisa as his mistress) things could have been so different.

All the Freys won’t be so good looking though–here’s “Black Walder” Frey:

Yup–the Freys are an inbred looking bunch.


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