Pre Fall 2013: Donna Karan

Donna Karan‘s collection was full of curves and circles, despite being stiff and architectural. It was an interesting study in contrasts.

I really dig the architectural nature of this coat, with its invisible closure, paired with the tight sleekness of the pencil skirt.

The skirt on the left is interesting because at first glance you would think it a circle skirt, like we have on the right. But closer inspection suggests it is more oval, with points at the sides. I’m only sorry they paired it with skinny pants. That’s just not a look I’m into. On the right, the folds of the circle skirt from the waist up create a nice stiff architectural bodice.

Pencil skirts and dresses are a timeless look, especially when paired with stiff jackets. I’m not so big on the right hand leather jacket having shorter sleeves that then dress it covers though. It looks funny.

On the left and floaty circle skirt of a dress paired with another stiff round jacket with those invisible closures is a nice study in contrast. On the right, the white of the dress makes it hard to see the stiff fold that gives way to the soft of the skirt.

On the left we have a sudden veer into complete softness with a dress that barely has a shape of its own except the body upon which it rides. Compare that to the stiff bubble dress on the right that seems to dictate the shape of the woman who wears it.

In a show with very little pattern, we have a dress of grey sharp angles to help emphasize the lines and angles of the bodice. On the right, one of the few coats with visual interest in the show, even though the texture does veer a bit into “bathrobe” territory.

For evening wear there is soft and hard. The stiff panels on the right are far more interesting, if much more difficult to wear.

Something about this dress made me thing of her being swaddled and wrapped in a stiff fabric, rather than it actually being a dress. Perhaps it’s the center grey angled panel? Or the way the dress seems to cling down her leg on the right side of the body? I’m not sure.


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