OTAN–Open Thread At Now

It’s yours. Until it gets stepped on anyway.


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  1. I’d only heard of the Irish Pale before today. I wonder if the Russian one is what Isaac Asimov referred to when he talked about the local nobleman who fixed a problem with his birthplace village by moving the border sign to the other side of the village.


    1. Pale, area enclosed by a fence, from which we get palings and palisade and of course beyond the pale to refer to the poor benighted savages, ie the Irish, you know the inhabitants of the land.
      More seriously, a fence either walls someone out, (the Irish), or someone in Russian Jews) or both
      “He drew a circle that shut me out-
      Heretic , rebel, a thing to flout.
      But love and I had the wit to win:
      We drew a circle and took him In !
      Edwin Markham


  2. Also, waiting for my optometrist’s office to call with the new glasses. And waiting for 5:00 so that I can head for the moonlighting gig.


  3. Put my mom on the plane this morning to go to Montreal,change at the Centre of the Universe. Plane was delayed leaving Regina because apparently the Eastern Time Zone has decided to have a storm. Delay would have put her late into the Centre of the Universe, so at the airport here they changed her reservation to a later plane. Which, now that she is in the air to Toronto, her on-going plane to Montreal has been cancelled. Pearson International in the middle of a winter snow delay is no place for an older lady with a cane.
    I feel bad for letting her go, but changing reservations is almost impossible at this time of year. Until I hear from her or Montreal I am going to worry.


  4. I’ve spent the better part of three months poking around the internet and local retail stores looking for a winter coat that won’t make me look like a baked potato (as my sister described the effect of one I was looking at) and will also block some wind already, because gah! has it been windy.

    Today, I officially give up. I am tired of looking and not finding. The only thing to do is fire up the sewing machine machine and make one myself. So. This should be fun. (For certain values of “fun.”)


    1. I completely understand. I may end up making my own as well, besides the hobbit coats. There is one I’ve been eyeing on ebay, but I’m just not sure of the sizing and I don’t want to spend $100 to find out it’s wrong.
      Maybe you can do blog posts about your coat-making fun! Some of us would read that.


  5. If I wanna keep any activity on my political blog going, I’m gonna need to make more “Iran funny picture” photos… but ICHC’s webstie took away the Pundit Kitchen app! Is there another site that lets you make funny captions for political photos?


  6. As much as I want to see the NY Philharmonic concert performance of Company again–saw it in the theater on satellite feed two years ago–I’m going ahead with the Raul Esparza version on Netflix. I’m not sure, but I think I know people who should have used “It’s the Little Things You Do Together” as their processional music. (Not ready to shell for the DVD with Neil Patrick Harris, but I will someday.) I’m still not sure how I feel about the staging device with the actors playing their own instruments.


  7. Going to the Festival of Lights tonight at Van Dusen Garden (they decorate most of the park with lights for December). I’ve been so tired recently and I’d rather just go home, but if we don’t go tonight I’ll get bugged to go this weekend, and I definitely want to stay home then, so I don’t have much of a choice. One of the friends is a fast walker, though, so hopefully we’re not there for too many hours.


  8. le sigh. went to pharmacy to purchase item that will (once I mail in the receipt–no, I don’t really fax nor own a scanner) be paid w/ what’s left of my health reimbursement account. Get home and can’t find the receipt. sigh. have to go back to the store–no, they can’t issue a duplicate receipt but we do this odd return/repurchase dance. receipt tucked extra carefully away in purse does make it home.


  9. #firstworldproblems I hate it when you’re viewing a show online and the ads play & then refuses to reload the show. I’m looking at you, Food Network full episode player. #Ishouldbethankfulthisismycomplaint


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