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  1. Also, from yesterday’s thread:

    I cleaned up my blogrolls for the first time in ages (which meant I also visited ALL the Hordian sites for the first time in a long time [sorry…] and dang y’all do some interesting stuff!), fixing/correcting links, deleting some stuff that hasn’t been updated in ages, and so on. If you aren’t on the blogroll and would like to be, please let me know! I do (theoretically) prune links that haven’t been updated in 4-6 weeks, so if you disappear from the blogosphere for awhile but then re-appear, just let me know.


    1. He has apparently decided he’s never going to be President.
      Or maybe he thinks he can bully the party into acquiring some brains. Sorry, they can only do that as zombies. Thinking is beyond their ken.


      1. Paul Ryan has been infected with zombie iris after defunding the CDC

        Oh noo! He’s shambling toward breathing brains…eep!


  2. I am feeling deeply cranky, in that I want to FIX EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE but that is not how the real world works. I can neither make new job listings appear, nor accelerate anyone’s hiring timetables.

    Also the cat, being evil, just left a giant bleeding gouge across my right palm. (and by giant I mean, like, half an inch. But it still hurts and is exactly in a place I cannot do a single thing about.)


      (No really. I refused to take the job listing for the one that quit until they gave me the one that I am sending to you.)


      1. bless. ❤

        I'm just really annoyed that I can't snap my fingers and make everything better, and uncertainty is wearing me down. Also M is still sick and my sinuses are full of goo.


  3. I watched the Criterion Collection version of My Own Private Idaho yesterday and this morning, including all commentary documentaries. This may have been too much. Obviously, it was good enough for me to tolerate the whole thing, but I really am not sure where I stand on the film. Otherwise, I think 17 movies in about 32 days, including assorted full commentaries and “making ofs” is a film too far. (Wordplay intended). Hazards of being in grad school, I feel deprived of certain forms of entertainment during the semester. Looking forward to yoga this afternoon to get me out of my head.


  4. I’ve got nothing to say (or perhaps too much to say) and am trying to get work done, but still want to say hi. Hi, everybody!


      1. I’m trying to put off productivity as long as I can, because once the legislative session starts next week, I will be forced into hyperproductivity mode. At this point, I need to start marshalling my energy so that the coming onslaught doesn’t completely plow me under.


  5. Ok. Who am I kidding. I’m not just doing a drive by hello.

    Anyone else see what the Gov. of PA has decided to do for the new year? Sue the NCAA in federal court to fight the penalties. The PSU admin issued a “that’s his deal & not us & we’re ok w/ the agreement” statement. At the time of the agreement the Gov. said he didn’t want any taxpayer money spent on the fine PSU had to pay. Wonder how much taxpayer money he’s spending on this lawsuit.


    1. Purrbot is a damn whore. 🙂
      So is Troublemaker, for the record. Once she decides you’re ok, she turn into a crescent roll against your leg.


  6. I would like the cushion next to that kitten, plz. The kitten and I can have a nap together (I am feeling quite ill today and it may not have been in my best interests to come to work).


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