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  1. Is now very paranoid about my health. Just found out my sis & 1 of her two kids (with whom I spent much time over the last two weeks) spent the night throwing up. Joyous.


    1. Never fear. My dad, sister, 3 cousins, aunt AND uncle all came down with the stomach flu when I was visiting for the holidays. My mom, husband and I all emerged unscathed.

      There is hope. Now go wash your hands… 🙂


    2. Noro is everywhere right now – as taylor says, wash your hands. Hydrate. Take some vitamins. Have tea.


  2. Interviewing, hope it goes well and they hire me asap so I don’t have to move north into something called “cold weather”. I’ve lived in Florida for so long that anything below 40 degree F is gonna freeze me…


    1. …anything below 40 degree F is gonna freeze me…
      Come by, I’ll get you some blankets and a spare coat.


    1. I suppose as you walk by the cube to go get a cup o’ joe you could randomly say “SS has it’s own funding stream and is not part of the deficit problem” and then just not go back to your desk for a bit…

      Or just put in earphones and listen to some good music…


    2. Or you could laugh at this:
      RT @MicheleBachmann At noon today, I introduced the first bill of 113th Congress to repeal Obamacare in its entirety


          1. Is thereany way to impeach the majority of voters in her district who re-elected her because…REPUBLICAN.


            1. She barely won by the skin of her teeth, and she was named the House candidate who spent the most per vote.
              If Liberals aren’t self destructive in 2014 and, you know, actually turn out, she might very well go down.


  3. So one of the boyfriend’s bigger foibles is his absolutely god-awful taste in music. He likes Justin Bieber–unironically. So there’s this boy band dance party tomorrow that he REALLY wants us to go to…I’m trying to decide if he’s worth subjecting myself to several hours of terrible music. Currently, I’m leaning towards yes. Anyone care to opine?


    1. I listen to a lot of music I don’t like and go to a lot of shows I wouldn’t otherwise for my husband. I’ve also seen N’Sync and Hanson (3 times!) with my sister. I guess you could say that I’m a pushover when it comes to music other people like.

      My advice: if you are really into him and it’ll make him happy, just go. It’s a few hours of annoyance/boredom on your behalf, which will show him that you’re really into him. And bonus points: the next time there’s something you want to do that he’s not into, you can hold the “remember the boy band dance party??” card over his head. 🙂

      (Plus, I imagine that the people-watching at such an event will be epic…)


    1. Best reference to this I’ve seen so far today was on Twitter:


  4. Game of Thrones geekery: There was talk of splitting A Storm of Swords into seasons 3 and 4 of the TV series. Did they decide to do that? Does that mean [BIG SPOILER AT THE END] won’t be in season 3?

    Other GoT geekery: Have they cast the Red Viper yet? If not, who should they get?


    1. Yes, the book is being split into two halves–loosely. It has been confirmed that at the end of this season (I Assume in episode 9, because that seems to be the rhythm of the show), we will have the Red Wedding.
      Season 4 has not been greenlit yet, but I assume when it does, episode nine will contain the corollary.


      1. I’m pretty sure HBO picked up season 4 at the same time as season 3. I do know they’ve said parts of A Clash of Kings has been moved into season 3, and that the season 3 eps will all be 5 minutes longer than normal shows.


        1. No, they didn’t. I was expecting them too (I think everyone was) and I was initially struck that they didn’t, and then worried.
          But I think at this point it’s a given that there will be a season four–they just want the splash of headlines announcing it in April.
          …the real question? Is what comes after that. Season five CANNOT be book 5. Period. The threading of five and six together will be a delicate operation, and pull the series further and further away from the source material.
          There’s a part of me that feels like if they decide to cancel it at the end of season 4? it won’t be a complete calamity. In many ways the final reveal at the end of book three can very easily work as a series ender if necessary.
          (Needless to say though, I hope GoT goes on for 6 seasons and a movie. Because.)


  5. There’s a lot about my job that’s tiresome and frustrating and even sad. But sometimes there is cool stuff.

    Like this picture of a baby takin at the San Diego Zoo (click the picture to enlarge). Takins are wild ruminants from the subfamily Caprinae (meaning they’re most closely related to goats and antelopes), and I would like a someone to make me a plush of that baby one right now, please.


      1. I’d be jealous of me if I worked at the zoo, too. Instead, I work for a USDA agency that, among other things, regulates zoo animals. Right now I’m working on a couple of animal health-related projects that will affect zoological ruminants (in a good way!) and. Well. Baby takins!



    I Twitter-follow comedian/social commentator Dean Obeidallah, who was apparently harassed by Baldwin, who wound up blocking Dean (and given what I’ve seen of both online, I accept unquestioning the notion that Dean is the good guy here).

    So I tweeted this at Dean:

    @deanofcomedy (As a Firefly fanatic, it is a source of deep & abiding sorrow to me that he makes his unlikable character look like an angel)— Emily L. Hauser (@emilylhauser) January 3, 2013

    and within a number of minutes, Adam Baldwin had tweeted this at me:

    @emilylhauser Judging books by their covers, are we?— Adam Baldwin (@adamsbaldwin) January 3, 2013

    to which I responded thusly:

    @adamsbaldwin No, sir, I’m judging you by your online behavior. It breaks my heart.— Emily L. Hauser (@emilylhauser) January 3, 2013

    and in the meantime (literally as I was typing this comment), he’s replied with

    @emilylhauser Facing #UncomfortableFacts can be difficult. Why choose to make it “heartbreaking”? ~ IAC, online characters = book covers. :)— Adam Baldwin (@adamsbaldwin) January 3, 2013



    1. I engaged in numerous arguments with Adam at the old Firefly boards and believe it or not, he gave me his e-mail address at one point. He was always obnoxious and dismissive of everyone, even those who agreed with him.

      When I finally met him, I introduced myself as ‘one of the last people you ever wanted to show up at your table’. Although, when I said I was Gonzai…he hugged me. Go figure.


      1. He’s a loon, man, and loons are very unpredictable! I’m not sure why I’m continuing to engage, if only to see how long I can keep the whole thing civil. How can he be such a homophobe & call Sean Maher his friend? It’s beyond me.


          1. I finally just said “Can we stop this because I don’t want to fight with the person who created a character I love so much” or something like that, and he said something nice, added “Farewell” and then when I said “Thanks for engaging” – DELETED IT ALL.

            A *loon* I tell you!


  7. Oh – by the way – thanks for the lovely card, anibundel! Yours and…someone whose Atlantic handle escapes me…arrived in the mail sometime in the last week.


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