Project Runway All Stars Season 2: The Wrong One Wins and We Are All Very Disappointed In The Judges

So, since we had four contestants two weeks in a row, we only have a one hour finale this season. This is not a bad thing, since last year’s “Finale Part One” felt really pointless.



Carolyn is wearing an ugly pink polkadot dress. And I mean *ugly.* The length is terrible, the shade of pink is awful, and the polka dots are atrocious. Did AnthonyRyan design it? (Oh, sorry, did I say that out loud?) She slowly tells us what we already know: four days to create a mini collection that will be presented in a special runway show. The budget will again be $3000. The big difference from last year is that there’s not a set number of pieces they have to make. They are given free reign to choose how many outfits the collection will have. (For the record, Emilio ended up making eight and AnthonyRyan and Uli each made seven. In the end they all were limited to seven for judging.)

Uli decides her theme is “Winter Wonderland” and is sketching a lot of white pieces (natch!) Emilio’s theme is really smart: “Urban Plantation” for the African America working woman. Fashion always like a political point of view. AnthonyRyan decides to make a collection called “The Thin Line” which he claims is about “the line between dark and light,” but sounds to me like he’s making clothes for skinny people. Since that’s all he knows how to do anyway! (Yes, I think it’s Insult AnthonyRyan Day today, don’t you?)

There’s no moving to a new space to work, or private rooms like last year. Carolyn does helpfully show up the first day with the cast offs from the season who are here to beg for an hourly rate as assistants. Well, most of them are. One is apparently here only because he is contractually obligated to show up. AnthonyRyan asks Josh of he’ll be his assistant, but Josh says no. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen a contestant turn down the chance for more screen time, or the hourly rate. It shows just how hurt he is not to make the finale. You know, I almost feel sorry for Josh. If AnthonyRyan had gone home like he should have for that atrocious outfit he made for the Real Woman Challenge, Josh would be there in the finale right now. That really sucks for him. So AnthonyRyan picks Kane instead. Uli takes Casanova. Emilio takes Althea. Casanova makes sure to bring some drama by hating Uli’s method of working, and then disappearing off to take a nap. Aw, Casanova! Don’t be a crappy assistant! We know you can do better–we saw it with Ivy.

Day two and it’s time for Joanna’s walk through. (No going to visit Joanna at Marie Claire this time. Perhaps it’s because they’ve been subtly depimping that whole “works at Marie Claire as an assistant for a year” part of the winner’s package.)

  • Uli: Joanna loves that’s it coherent, but worries there’s no “wow” piece. Also, she wants the faux fur vest that Uli has finished. Joanna, shopping like she’s Heidi.
  • AnthonyRyan: Joanna really doesn’t have anything useful to say to him, except to ask about one very yellow and black outfit that AnthonyRyan admits he worries is a bit “bumblebee.”
  • Emilio: He doesn’t have anything on the mannequins  so they look over his drawings. Joanna is very excited that it’s the first time in ProjRun history they are having a political collection in the finale.

Then there’s makeup consultation with the product displaying make up people, and I assume hair consultations, but since hair didn’t pay extra money we’ll never know.

Day Three and the assistants are fired, leaving Uli, AnthonyRyan and Emilio to finish on their own. There’s a lot of panic and stress, and there’s never a point where they stop to create the video for their show, which is funny since that was a big focus last season. Oh well, whatever.

The show is once again at Gotham Hall. Shall we go to the clothes?

In the audience: Elie Tahari, Rafe Totengco (of the Nine West accessory wall) and Mondo are all given chyrons so that we don’t miss them. So are friend of the show Cynthia Rowley and Joanna’s boss Zanna Roberts Rossi from Marie Claire. They aren’t the guest judges though. That honor goes to Liv Tyler, who’s not doing anything since she wasn’t cast to reappear in  The Hobbit trilogy, and Margherita Missoni, daughter of Angela Missoni.

There are lots of outfits here. We’ll do them in presentation order.


pras2-ep12-rr-emilio1-f pras2-ep12-rr-emilio2-f



The first dress is not impressive, but it’s an outlier. Not big on the bustier over the blouse, but I love the pencil skirt.

pras2-ep12-rr-emilio3-f pras2-ep12-rr-emilio4-f



This print is so loud. Too much. But I feel like it’s also a callback to the print he made in the graffiti challenge, and that’s probably why he chose it. Meanwhile, that red jumper on the right is my favorite piece from the collection.

pras2-ep12-rr-emilio5-f pras2-ep12-rr-emilio6-f



Mixing the print with a black blouse really works and helps tone down the loud. I also (surprising myself) really like bustier over the blouse in this version.


I really like the print as a coat. Much more than I like the dress it covers. This dress and the opening dress feel like they were the weakest parts.

Emilio, having made eight, had one outfit cut, that walked between outfits 2 and 3. (Sorry she has no head, but it was the best screen shot I could grab of the outfit itself.) Georgina admits she was wrong–Emilio has a point of view. (Thanks for noticing!) She name checks the red jumpsuit as being a standout. Isaac loves that it was political collection, and says that he likes to see young designers taking their chance int he spotlight to make a statement. Carolyn is impressed by the construction, which I take as an underhanded way to remind us of his struggles all season with that. Liv bleats that she likes the use of color. She also name checks the red jumper as being a wow piece. Margharita doesn’t feel like there’s enough experimentation for her taste, but I’m going to guess that her being Italian and not understanding the American Black Experience has a lot to do with not getting that the collection as a bold statement like this was the risk. On the downside both Georgina and Isaac agree the opening outfit is the weakest. Isaac calls it “junior.” Georgina frets that it was the opening look, and that was unfortunate.


pras2-ep12-rr-anthonyryan1-f pras2-ep12-rr-anthonyryan2-f



It’s Lurch’s girlfriend! I’m sorry, but what a hideous dress. Hideous. The short bodice, the too high and tight collar, the severe lines of the skirt. (The back with the cut out does not help one bit either.) The only thing she’s missing is to say “You Rang?” As for the “bumblebee” outfit, it’s so much better, I’m almost relieved.

pras2-ep12-rr-anthonyryan3-f pras2-ep12-rr-anthonyryan4-f



I actually really like this dress. I like the white center and the flirty skirt. It’s like a modern day maid’s uniform. The white patches are the best part of the color blocking on both of these.

pras2-ep12-rr-anthonyryan5-f pras2-ep12-rr-anthonyryan6-f



 I do like the way the slices break up the dress on the right, even if it feels a little unfinished around the neckline. I’m sorry, but the ladder dress just made me laugh. The line between the dark and the light? Nowhere to be seen. This is all clothing to flatter skinny people.


This closing dress has major hem issues. The whole slit up the front wrinkled and puckered as she walked and it just looked so like a mistake after the row of dresses with such straight lines.

Georgina loves the opening look. She must be mad. Isaac declares it the best dress ever seen on Project Runway. Someone must have paid him to say that. Maybe AnthonyRyan does have the One Ring, because that opening outfit is just short of a joke. Liv calls it so sexy. Margharita calls it “unique.” Unique? Yes, and thank god for that. And this is all just the first outfit. Carolyn calls the whole collection “an art piece.” Well, if you mean art is a choice, then yes, I would call this collection “a choice.” But there’s no getting around the hem on the final dress. Georgina admits that it’s awful. Margharita says that final dress shows he’s trying to please too many people. Isaac’s big complaint is that each dress is a slightly different length and that feels like a mistake when they’re all lined up together.


pras2-ep12-rr-uli1-f pras2-ep12-rr-uli2-f



Fairy princesses! The opening dress is a stunner with the beaded lace neckline and all the little details in the white. I also love the silver patterned fabric blouse with the simple white skirt. Not big on the wrap though. it looks like it rides too high.

pras2-ep12-rr-uli3-f pras2-ep12-rr-uli4-f



I don’t like the silver nearly as much in pant form though. The overlay on this outfit is the best part. I can see why Joanna wants the fur vest. I meanwhile what whatever is under it with that fabulous overwork sleeves.

pras2-ep12-rr-uli5-f pras2-ep12-rr-uli6-f



The blouse with the lace up center is awesome. I think that might be the same stuff as the sleeves. Just a fantastic fabric. The gold dress on the left with the little cap sleeve detailing and the fur neck needs to get in my closet.


The closing dress didn’t need the jewel on the butt. That’s my only complaint. Everything else about it is divine, from the feathering at the neck to the fur sleeves to thew soft fullness of the skirt.

Isaac loves the collection, declaring it to have the most emotion and that it was so “psychological.” Georgina declares herself astonished by how strong it is. Carolyn loves the opening outfit. Margharita loves the “fairy tale look” and the styling. Liv bleats “blown away” and “cinematic.” She calls the last dress an Oscar dress. Carolyn hates the jewel on the butt, but otherwise agrees. Georgina feels the faux fur looks inexpensive though. I suppose she would have preferred the real thing? $3000 does stretch that far. Margharita says of the three collections this is the one that would make people dream, and that’s so important. But, suddenly realising that his favorite might be in danger, Isaac does an about face and out of nowhere starts tearing it down, saying it’s a student’s collection.  Georgina agrees she was expecting so much more. Gah!

And so…even though Uli has the best collection, and the least amount of issues, and obviously impressed the guest judges, she is out third. Which to me said that this choice was made by the judges before they ever saw a piece of clothing. This of course leaves Emilio and AnthonyRyan, which we have always known would be the final two.

Carolyn’s false surprise as she announces that AnthonyRyan the winner is the obnoxious cherry on her slow talking sundae. Of course he wins. Because the judges had decided that before we ever got here. Emilio’s collection was better than AnthonyRyan’s, and Uli’s collection was better than both of them. But what can you do? All Stars was originally created to fix the mistake of giving the win to Wretched Gretchen, and so a season two was never going to have a proper focus. Exactly why the judges decided that this time this was to give the win to AnthonyRyan so early on is beyond me. His outfits have never been as good as they claim. Their insistence on keeping him in after that terrible catastrophic embarrassment of a real woman dress challenge was the writing on the wall that he had bee chosen winner come hell or high water (or a terrible closing dress, in this case.)

I am very disappointed in the judges, the show and this decision. Uli and Emilio were robbed, badly. I hope Georgina and Isaac can live with themselves and their terrible choice.


13 thoughts

  1. I’ve been waiting for your recap all day 🙂 I watched the exit interviews online, which I normally never do. Pretty clear that both Emilio & Uli knew what was up. And really, Lifetime, the compressed time frames for your challenges are crap.

    You were nicer about AR’s collection than I was when I saw them. We’ve known AR would get the win for a long time but the fact that his was, imo, 3rd best by a long way made it worse. Emilio’s concept was outstanding and with more than 4 days, I think he could knock socks off. He’s really changed my mind from his original season where I was very much NOT a fan after that “bikini” fiasco.

    The best part about this finale? We won’t have to listen to slow talking Carolyn again.


    1. His collection isn’t horrific. As I studied the pictures i could see could parts of it. But it’s the weakest of the three, and that’s so frustrating.


      1. You’re right that AR’s collection wasn’t horrific & we’ve seen worse. I guess it being obviously the 3rd best and it being so telegraphed that he would win annoyed me too much. I am now very much over color-blocking, so I suppose I could thank him for that?


    1. I don’t know, but let me tell you, I was thankful all her looks were presented on the lifetime website because getting a screencap would have been horrific.


  2. Perfect summary of what went down. Uli had by far the strongest collection and AnthonyRyan the worst. After I heard the second runner up announced I turned the show off. I’m done with watching. What a rip off! .


  3. Just watched this on Amazon Prime it was obvious from the beginning he was the destined winner. They raved over every ugly thing he made including the blah blue dress after Paris. Josh cheated there also this season was bbaaaaad. Very bad judging. Going to watch season3 hope it was improved.


  4. This is long after the original airing, but I’m just so glad I googled this topic after watching. I was WAY more than just totally disgusted that Uli didn’t win!!! The judges’ decision actually boggled my soul so much that I feel like, I dont know how to put it, like there’s something actually really, really WRONG in the universe, something way more wrong than usual. It actually hurts me internally. Alot!!


  5. I watched this in 2015 and I agree with Michelle that it is soul crushing. This is the second time that Uli was robbed by someone who should have been last place. I don’t know if I can keep watching Project Runway with the way they obviously have picked who they want to win before the final runway,


  6. I’m really behind and just binge watching this in 2016. I’m gobsmacked that AR won witch that collection. It was pretty bad. He did have some good looks throughout the season,tho.


  7. So glad that somebody felt the same way I did. I surely thought Uli would have won, especially with how the judges awed over her collection, saying how”psychological” and “dreamy” her collection was. Then they go and chose AR. Really? His collection was not good, sorry, but it was boring and repetitive.


  8. I just finished watching this season of All Stars and I have to completely agree that the wrong choice was made. Both Emilio and Uli’s collection were magnificent with the least critique. They HAD to have had their choice made up before the two losing contestants walked down the runway. I am just shocked!

    Anyways, I just had to comment once I saw this point. 👠


  9. I stopped watching project runway for a while and recently began binge watching episodes on HULU. Now I remember why I stopped, it’s not fair to the contestants. It seems they chose a winner before the fashion show and that horrible dress Anthony Ryan made for the “real woman”challenge should have sent him home. It was awful! It seems the judges had a clear favorite from the begining.


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