So You Think You Can Dance Season 10: The Green Mile


It’s time for the Green Mile episode, otherwise known as the last show before we start the  live performances for our votes. This is also the first show taped post-Nigel getting fired from Idol–the show that gave him the clout to bring SYTYCD to TV in the first place. So if he looks a little more worn and thin tonight, that’s why. Our sympathies Nigel. You deserved better.

Did you watch tonight? No? Well for once I don’t blame you. Green Miles episodes do have live routines after the announcements of each style of dancer (thank heavens) but mostly it’s one long elimination episode. Besides, The Voice has Cher performing over on the next network. So for once I won’t hold your lack of tuning in against you. But after this? It’s live shows, voting and nothing else worth watching in this time slot. So there will be no excuses Capisce?

So let’s discover who made the Top Twenty, and see what performances you missed by choosing to watch Carson Daly fumble around with his hosting duties instead. Like this one with our hip hop dancers.

Adam Shankman is our guest judge in the studio for the live performances, while he, tWitch and Mia are the guest judges in the pretaped elimination segments.

Would you like some contemporary dance? We got two routines because there were so many contemporary dancers put through this year.

Honestly, I preferred the routine Mia choreographed. But I always love Mia’s work. It also helps that I love this song too.

Tappers en masse are always so fun! (Yes, three counts as en masse. This isn’t the 1930s.)

This might be our only animator routine this year. Note the backup dancers (the only time we saw them tonight) because these guys aren’t viewed as being able to carry it alone. Also that none of the girls are put with them. I think we’re going to pity the ones who get paired with them starting next week.

As for those girls who were left over because they didn’t have to dance with the animators, they got an amazing Sonya routine set to Bjork. Talk about scoring big time! No backup dancers here.

Finally we have the ballroom dancers and their peppy routine.  Who doesn’t love some quick stepping style ballroom?

Here’s the list of our Top Twenty and their group numbers:

1. Fik-Shun Stegall (hip hop)
2. Emilio Dosal (hip hop)* (*Had to withdraw. no reason given)
3. Tucker Knox (contemporary)
4. Nico Greetham (contemporary)
5. Curtis Holland (tap)
5a. Aaron Turner* (tap) (*Brought back to replace Emilio)
6. Dorian ‘Bluprint’ Hector (animator hip hop)
7. Jade Zuberi (animator hip hop)
8. Carlos Garland (contemporary)
9. Paul Karmiryan (ballroom)
10. Alan Bersten (ballroom)

1. Mariah Spears (hip hop)
2. Makenzie Dustman (contemporary)
3. Jasmine Harper (contemporary)
4. Alexis Juliano (tap)
5. Hayley Erbert (contemporary)
6. Malece Miller (contemporary)
7. Brittany Cherry (ballroom)
8. Jenna Johnson (ballroom)
9. Amy Yakima (contemporary)
10. Jasmine Mason (jazz)


Next week: The Top Twenty perform live for our votes. You all better tune in!

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4 thoughts

  1. Oh, and about the animation routine. To my eye, those aren’t people in the background. They are department store clothes models–though at the very end they are rigged to move one part.


  2. argh. No edit function. The one hiphop dude had to withdraw because of an injury. They said it on the tv.


    1. Yeah, they said he had an injury just before the hip hop performance.

      I plan on watching and recording, just in case I can’t be in front of the tube and won’t miss anything. Thanks for talking up the show ani 🙂


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