Face Off Season 5: Seven Makeup Sins

…and then there were seven, meeting McKenzie and Glenn at a Gothic revival church. We are once again dropping directly into the Spotlight challenge. This week, each contestant will choose one of the Seven Deadly Sins (and their accompanying traditional color) and create a character based upon it.



Glenn warns them not to go with the obvious incarnation. To wit:

  • Laney: Greed (Yellow)
  • Roy: Pride (Purple)
  • Laura: Wrath (Red)
  • Eddie: Envy (Green)
  • Tate: Sloth (Blue)
  • Frank: Gluttony (Orange)
  • Miranda: Lust (Indigo)

Miranda is already whining that she doesn’t know how to incorporate “lust” and “royal blue” and we haven’t started sketching yet. Back at the lab, everyone is sculpting when McKenzie and Michael show up for their walk through. We can be sure it’s only been a few hours, because McKenzie is still wearing the same dress.

  • Tate: His “Sloth” character is having his breathing restricted by snakes. (For those that don’t know, the Slothful Man was cast into a pit of snakes.) I suppose that’s one way to turn a character blue.
  • Frank: His “gluttony” sculpt is a big fat belly. So much for not going with the obvious. Under McKenzie’s questioning he admits he has no idea how to incorporate his orange color.
  • Roy: His “Pride” character has single hairs coming out of the face. Michael likes that. He’s incorporating purple via bruising.
  • Miranda: She plans to dress “Lust” in indigo and do shades of lavender for the skin. Michael advises beauty make up for the face.
  • Laura: Her “Wrath” is going to be a bloody mess. Red color solved.
  • Laney: Her “Greed” is an old age make up. I suppose old people are yellowish.
  • Eddie: His “Envy” is a green head in a black robe. Michael is concerned it doesn’t instantly “read” envy. Eddie stares at him blankly.

Frank manages to start molding the first day, since he’s worried his enormous belly could go seriously wrong. It takes all the guys to flip it. He does admit that Glenn said not to go the obvious route, but he feels such a large sculpt is pushing himself, so there.

Day Two, and if there’s no mold drama, it’s must be time for a Miranda Meltdown. First it’s over her mold being too heavy. (Tate stops to help her flip it.) Then she melts down over cleaning it out with the power washer because no one is stopping to help her do that either. Hello? They’re busy, and you have more wins than anyone under your belt. SHUT IT. Finally, Tate goes out and fixes the damn power washer for her so she will stop crying and screaming. Meanwhile, Laney is worried, because she’s never done old people wrinkles. Tate’s doing as much fabricating for costume pieces as he is molding. He’s going full Dante with a stairway to heaven where the Crown of God looks down upon his sin. Frank is giggling over his fat suit.

Day Three and Tate is worrying he’s behind because he helped Miranda. Really, though, it’s because his mold came out in multiple pieces, and fixing that takes a while. Laney is burning the edges of her fabrics. At last looks, Roy admits his paint job is an unholy mess, and he prays to be safe.

Let’s go to the make up.

All our judges showed up for work today. This week there’s a bonus judge! Bryan Fuller is here to help judges this week, and promote his new TV show, Hannibal. McKenzie does not remember to mention the tweeters.



Eddie: I don’t get this at all. It has nothing to do with envy. I get “Alien with a church face.”


Laney: Her old lady feels old, but the face isn’t wrinkled enough. The chest piece is fake looking.


Laura: Ok, that’s scary.



Miranda: Oh look, she’s going to be in the top again. I am so sick of her spending the whole time whining and crying and then clearly being so superior. YOU ARE REALLY GOOD. OWN THAT SHIT. Glenn calls the facial sculpt gorgeous, and is impressed by how much she accomplished in the time frame, and that it’s so clean. Ve notes the lavender forehead and the paint slowly turned blue. Bryan thinks it needed more T&A to be lust. Glenn agrees it was a bit prudish for a lusty demon.


Tate: The blue in the face isn’t obvious from a distance. It’s been too mottled in with the rest of the face paint and snake bites. His snake’s paint looks rushed. But the intelligence of the approach (and his use of the original story of the Seven Deadly Sins) is very impressive. Bryan loves the storytelling behind it, especially the Eye of God. Ve likes the subtlety of the use of the blue color, saying that it stands out up close. Glenn calls the concept and execution sophisticated. Yay! Tate wins, despite spending time helping Miranda!



Roy: Damn that facial paint job is a blotched mess. It’s not bad from a distance. Neville says hopefully “Is this intentional?” Glenn shakes his head sadly that it is not. Bryan calls it “abstract” from far, but is disappointed how bad it is up close. Ve is upset the paint job was just so bad. Glenn wanted more plastic surgery look to it, since that’s Roy’s concept. (Honestly, I don’t see any plastic surgery. Plastic surgery should look like Michael Jackson, or Joan Rivers. This looks like a skeleton head.)


Frank: It’s not really very orange is it? The chin goiter doesn’t feel properly attached to the face. When asked about the color Frank says (And I quote!) “I glued our little orange apple that we got [at the beginning of the episode] onto here. So there’s some orange for ya!” Damn. There’s the Frank we’ve all been bloody waiting for this season. Ve points out how awful the goiter is, and reminds everyone that a goiter isn’t a fat thing anyway, they are a medical condition. Neville says there’s nothing here. Glenn is just massively disappointed.

So…Roy because his paint sucked, or Frank, because he’s really done with this competition? (I mean really–“There’s some orange for ya?”) Roy is given one more reprieve. Frank is out. He seems relieved.

Next week: Dark comedy?


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