Lego Responds to Seven Year Old Girl’s Letter

You may by now have seen the letter seven year old Charlotte Benjamin sent to lego protesting the horrible pink girl legos.

Dear Lego company:
My name is Charlotte. I am 7 years old and I love Legos but I don’t like that there are more Lego boy people and barely any Lego girls.
Today I went to a store and saw Legos in two sections — the girls’ pink and the boys’ blue. All the girls did was sit at home, go to the beach, and shop, and they had no jobs but the boys went on adventures, worked, saved people, and had jobs, even swam with sharks.
I want you to make more Lego girl people and let them go on adventures and have fun, ok!?!
Thank you.
From Charlotte

Let it never be said Lego doesn’t care about its customers. In a statement they released to the public they said:

“LEGO play has often been more appealing to boys but we have been very focused on including more female characters and themes that invite even more girls to build, and in the last few years, we are thrilled that we have dramatically increased the number of girls who are choosing to build.”

“Lego For Girls Sample”

“While there are still more male characters than female, we have added new characters to the LEGO world to better balance the appeal of our themes.”

That’s very nice lego, but I am still seeing these terrible commercials for oversized girls dolls (these are not minifigs) who spend their days giggling over lunch and doing housework. You want balanced? Give me the astronauts. Give me the school teachers. Give me the carpenters and builders in female minifig form. Don’t give us this dreck.

Back in the 1980s, you knew better.

We expect better from you. Whatever you think you learned in the last 30 years, do us all a favor–do Charlotte a favor–and unlearn it.


One thought

  1. For the record, my LEGO Space Shuttle set comes with one female astronaut and one male astronaut.


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