Top Ten Richest Houses: Westerosi Net Worth


The best part about Game of Thrones is that the fandom has infiltrated all walks of life–and that includes stock brokers and the world of financial nerds who would never otherwise have time for fantasy. This has lead to a wonderful info-graphic over at Fortune Fiance that breaks down the wealth of the great Westerosi Houses by net worth. Only these guys would sit down and try to figure out “What is a Gold Dragon worth in pound sterling?”

Well, rather a lot actually…


No surprise here. The fact that the Lannisters are the richest family in Westeros is the main source of their power. Tyrion, Cersei and Jaime are classic second generation millionaires who always assume whatever the problem is, they can buy their way out of it. So once you’ve calculated how much they are worth, everyone needs to fall below that.


This being a UK site, they use real world comparisons from the UK. It amuses we highly that the choice to give the Tyrells Cornwall, when they are based on the Tudor Family (whose land holdings came from Wales.) (But if one considers the map of Westeros vis a vis the map of the UK, it makes more sense.


I’ll be upfront–I assumed Dany was poorer that this. Yes she has the Army of the Unsullied, but she’s also strapped down with a ragtag moving city of mouths with legs. Really, all the value is in her dragons, which don’t even really belong to her, because no one can own a dragon.


This one I actually assumed to be third. Baelish is the ultimate self made man, a politician who also runs the best brothels in King’s Landing. I’m not going to argue with their math.


House Martell owns the entirety of Dorne–an enormous plot of land that really should be a country in its own right. Part of these southron lands include the City of Olde Town where the Maesters forge their chains. Directly after Baelish sounds right.

But Arryn? Baratheon? Higher than Winterfell? This is where I feel things go off the rails. If anything, House Stark, which holds the most land after Dorne with the entire north in its borders–that should come after Martell. As for Baratheon, considering how Robert wasted their fortune, they probably shouldn’t be on this list at all, except as a wholly owned subsidiary of Lannister Inc.


Again, Stark should have been much higher. Ninth place just seems wrong, especially below House Greyjoy. I understand that the calculations are based on the current situation, but you put Arya or Sansa on the Winterfell seat, rally the bannermen and have a good spring harvest, and you can see that this clearly belongs much higher on the list.

As for The Iron Bank–they are an Essos holding and do not belong on this list in the first place. Sorry.


3 thoughts

  1. I am not sure that I would put the wealth of House Stark as higher than the bankers did. If The North is considered as like unto Scotland, which was large, like the North, and full of fighting men, but poor due to lower soil productivity and northern location. There was little money in Scotland and it was riven by rebellious lords and menaced by Northmen (see Iron Islands and Karstarks and Boltons, etc) Power of the North lay in fighters not money.
    Also remember, that though the Tudors had a temporary victory, in the end the Stuarts came out on top.


  2. “What is a Gold Dragon worth in pound sterling?” – This link doesn’t go to what is suggests, it just goes to some loan company.


  3. I don’t think Oldtown is part of Dorne, it is way west of the mountain range that is the Dornish land border.

    And they left out the Night’s Watch, a non-profit NGO with almost 70,000 square miles of land, and access to effectiely unlimited amounts of timber north of the Wall.

    True, they have had great difficulty in the human resources department in recent centuries, but they could surely mortgage their assets to obtain expansion capital.


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