Mad Men Season 7: What Do We Know?

Mad Men is finally back this Sunday! What do we know? Nothing! Well, that’s not true. Weiner wishes we knew nothing. But we know more than you think. Flavorwire does the math for us.

Mad-Men-Season-7-Promo-Photos-Part-2 (1)

For instance:

  • It’s more like Seasons 7 and 8.

The season is split in half over two years the same way they did Breaking Bad. We knew that going in. Because once this is over in June 2015, AMC doesn’t have anything other than The Walking Dead. Don’t let me they have Turn. I saw the trailers and got all excited for 18th century fashion. Then I saw the reviews. That one is kind. Let’s hope they manage to pull something out before Mad Men ends.

Mad-Men-Season-7-Promo-Photos-Part-2 (12)

  • It will probably start in 1969.

Lord help us if after all these jokes I’ve made about Weiner jumping ahead five years to 1974, that comes true. We’re all taking 1969 as read.

Mad-Men-Season-7-Promo-Photos-Part-2 (16)

  • Those preview shots don’t mean anything.

They never do. That doesn’t mean they’re not pretty.

Mad-Men-Season-7-Promo-Photos-Part-2 (10)

  • There’s a hefty LA plotline.

I’m actually not looking forward to that. I think the show is the weakest when they’re in LA.

Mad-Men-Season-7-Promo-Photos-Part-2 (15)

  • One word: “Consequences.”

Right. Weiner has been going around saying nothing in interviews for the last month, but that word “consequences” keeps coming up. Consequences for what? For Don? For Korea? For lying all these years? For finally trying to set things right? or just in general for everybody because consequences always come at the end of the story and make for a nice ending?

Here, have some more promo shots. You know you want them.

Mad-Men-Season-7-Promo-Photos-Part-2 (9)

Ah, the boys in the pit. Love Harry’s neckwear.

Mad-Men-Season-7-Promo-Photos-Part-2 (14)

Why is she still here anyway? (Besides the fact that she looks SMASHING in 1969 couture.)

Mad-Men-Season-7-Promo-Photos-Part-2 (8)

Face it, no one from the other company warrants their own head shot.

Mad-Men-Season-7-Promo-Photos-Part-2 (11)

Hey! Finally one of Pete. Did anyone else notice he was missing from the other sets?


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