Belk Finally Carries Project Runway Winner Dresses

They’re finally for sale! Six months after the episode aired and two full seasons of knock off shows later, Belk finally got around to putting the winning dresses from the “Belk Challenge” up for sale. It certainly took them long enough. So long you may not even remember the episode I’m talking about or the contestants in question who won.


Pleased be advised: this is not Season 12 winner Dom’s line we’re talking about here. God only knows when (or if) they’ll ever carry that.

You may think I’m being a little hard on Belk for waiting until the Spring season to release these outfits. But I’m not. Most places strike while the iron is hot when it comes to selling Project Runway dresses. (Even when they totally redesign them.) The All Stars have their dresses in production already and on websites by the time the episode airs. The same thing happened with Under the Gunn. (Well, at least with the outfit they wanted to sell.)

These clearly inferior shows can do it. So why did it take nearly six months to get Belk to carry the winning designs from last season? I can only imagine that Belk’s department shoppers made this choice. They chose poorly. When this episode appeared back in September, everyone was googling for the dresses. Now that they’re here, TV has moved on, and is already casing for Season 13 this coming summer.

What I want to know is, how did the final dresses compare with what our designers made? Well….


Here we have Bradon’s original. At the time my response was “Great lines, horribad print.” The reason he won (besides by default) was that the Belk buyer said “It would look great in all sorts of colors.” So did they offer it in all sorts of colors?


No! Sold as is. The “other color” is checkered black and white. The back still isn’t that great. But I will give Belk credit for selling what was made on TV, even if it’s a little later than they should have carried it.

How about Dom, our secondary winner after being allowed to remake her garment?



It’s so Dom. More importantly, it’s so much nicer than Bradon’s, the black and white makes it so much more wearable, though the back is still super cape drape. Did she also get sold as-is?



Yes! But it’s not the front page. It’s the one listed as “other color.” The one they show on the front page is a different black and white pattern that’s more blob and less stripe. Please note the back stayed the same with the “hitch” remaining.

And at $148, that’s a pretty decent price point. Not cheap like the UTG  outfit, but not the $300-$400 we see on All Stars.

Now if only the Project Runway fans would hurry up and buy them so Belk would go through with producing Dom’s whole line…




3 thoughts

  1. Wow that did take a while. I remember searching the Belk site shortly after the season. It had already fallen off my radar to check again. Thanks for the post!


  2. It’s a damn shame you named the winner without a warning. Currently watching this season a year late. I was rooting for Dom and I’m happy she won but I’m mourning the anticipation I am no longer going to have…

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