An Interactive Map of Westeros (And Essos)



For the book readers–and the TV show watchers who have gotten really in to the series– we have an interactive map of the GRRM world. It includes both Essos and Westeros, but for those who are Unspoiled, one can restrict the map to places you’ve only seen so far.

Built by member Carpediem, it is fully interactive. You can drill down like a regular Google map.  For copyright reasons, they steered away from the official Martin map book, but that’s ok. It is, if I may say, fantastic.


Carpediem also put out a cry for help in filling in the details on this enormous project that he’s been working on since 2012.

“All together, this adds up to quite a lot of information on one map. That’s where you all come in. I haven’t even finished reading the books once through, so I’m sure I made a few mistakes.” 

Also, sadly, no street view. Maybe next season?



So for those of us who are perhaps a little confused where The Twins are, say in relation to Winterfell, this is a handy guide. Or perhaps you’re like me and wish that the opening credits of the TV show didn’t just show vague towns close to where the action is, and would prefer to be shown exactly where people are in their various on the road adventures, this is a great supplement.


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