Face Off Season 7: The Merry Old Wonderland of Oz

Our contestants meet McKenzie on the Sony Pictures lot, standing at the end of a large rainbow sculpture with a Mad Hatter’s tea party next to her. The rainbow is an homage to 1939’s The Wizard of Oz, which is the inspiration base for this week. The Alice In Wonderland tea party props, next to McKenzie, represent the “big twist.” The challenge this week: Create the familiar Oz character as if they had wound up in Wonderland.


There only being five major Oz characters to pick from under tea cups, our ten contestants are once again in teams. For the second time this season, they’re allowed to pick their partners themselves, instead of the producers assigning from off camera. To wit:

  • George&Drew: Wicked Witch of the West
  • Stella&Dina: Winged Monkey
  • Cig&Damien: Scarecrow
  • Keaglan&Rachael: Tin Woodman
  • Jason&Sasha: Cowardly Lion

Sketching time happens near the props before heading back to the lab to start sculpting. Before we make it back to the lab though, we’re already inundated with Sasha and her insecurities allowing herself to be mowed over by Jason, despite his admitted weakness on this challenge. So much for the judges telling her to grow a spine last week.

Cig and Damien are working so fast, they’re already starting towards the mold room when the Westmore Family Walkthrough arrives.

Westmore Walkthrough

  • George and Drew have a stereotypical witch’s face under way. Michael suggests sculpting the mouth into a better perma-frown.
  • Stella and Dina’s monkey has jester hat ears. Michael says that little bits of fur would not hurt.
  • Keaghlan and Rachael have an art deco looking tin woodman sculpt. Michael is very positive.
  • Cig and Damien are chased down in the mold room. Michael frets their concept is too busy.
  • Jason has no ideas, yet Sasha has knuckled under. Too bad Michael does not say that. Instead he says exactly what people have said to Jason about his sculpts on a regular basis–that’s it’s not big or bold enough, and there’s not enough whimsy.

Jason seems shocked that everything Sasha was trying to say was worth listening to. Now that’s it’s been told to him by Michael, maybe he’ll listen? Turns out the answer is no. Meanwhile, Stella quietly takes over Dina’s face sculpt and makes it into something she deems acceptable. She then cuts little tuffs of Rachael’s purple hair to use as monkey fur. Sure beats fun fur.

Day two finds Cig and Damien deep into fabrication. Stella sends Dina to do molding grunt work, while she makes the wings. At least when she runs into trouble, she turns to Dina to ideas for how to fix it. Sasha obediently do their team’s grunt mold work, leaving Jason in the dangerous position of staying in charge of their team’s lack of design. It also allows him to blame her when he can’t get the cowl mold open.

On Application Day, Rachael is finishing the prop work while the models arrive. Everyone is running on time with their painting. Except, of course, for Sasha, who “follows Jason’s direction” only to discover that’s an even worse idea than allowing him to be in charge in the first place. As we head to last looks, the only questions that remains is which one of them goes home: him for the terrible design, or her for being an insecure ninny and allowing him to create this terrible design.


We have a foursome judging panel this evening. Ve got the evening off from The Hunger Games and joined Glenn, Neville and Lois at the table. The reason she got the time off, it turns out, is for the taping of Face Off‘s newest one-off episode, Judge Match. This once hour special, airing in the Face Off slot next week instead of our regularly schedule programming, pits her against our other two veteran judges in their own make up contest. They will be joined by Face Off veterans to work as their assistants. Anyone else rooting to see Ve and Neville whip Glenn’s butt? I know I am.

Mushy Middle


George&Drew: Wicked Witch of the West It’s not bad, but the face is not as over the top as I would have liked. It feels more like “The Wicked Witch of Downton Abbey” than “The Wicked Witch of Wonderland.” Ve says should would have liked it if they had gone with any color other than green. Glenn points out that the makeup feels like it doesn’t continue past the costume line. Neville asks why the head is shaped like an egg when they remove the hat–turns out they had hair plans. But they cut them because they felt she “wasn’t a witch without a hat.” Neville is not pleased with that uncreative response.



Keaglan&Rachael: Tin Woodman I love this. The art deco look to the face is perfect with the bolts in the cheeks and the swirl ears. The costume also gets high marks, even though I know we’re not supposed to consider it. Glenn loves how clean the face is. Ve praises the symmetry of the work, stating that it’s one of the best she’s seen in seven seasons. She’s also big into the paint job that it looked like metal up close. Lois loves the sides of the head and the art deco swirls.


Stella&Dina: Winged Monkey It looks a little like a Ferengi with the built in jester hat ears. I like playing card wings and how they used the tuffs of Rachael’s hair. Neville calls it a wonderful fusion of the two worlds, calling it so memorable. Glenn loves the merging of organic and inorganic. Ve loves the colors, calling her devilish and mesmerizing. Since this design was the best balance between the two world, they are the top look. Dina takes the win for the idea of the “jester hat as ears.”



Cig&Damien: Scarecrow The piece is so busy, the face is lost from afar. Maybe that’s a good thing, because when you get up close the patchwork face hides any sculpting work they might have done. (Since they hit the mold room so fast, I’m going to go with the answer being “not much.”) The best part is the costume, but this is not a costume design show. Ve hates that the face is so dark, and calls the overall look one big patchwork quilt. Lois points out that there are lovely details, like the metal patch on the back of the head. But it’s lost under the hat and within all the rest of the insanity.


Jason&Sasha: Cowardly Lion The face looks like a Halloween mask and the fur is awful. The concept is embarrassingly bad in comparison to the other four. Glenn demands to know where the Cheshire cat ix, which was supposedly fused with the Lion. Jason shrugs he would have rather made it more lion-like, which floors Glenn. Ve calls it Teen Wolf.  When asked, Jason admits the concept is his. Sasha blames herself for not standing up to him. Thankfully, her inability to stand up for herself is overlooked. He is out.

Next week: JUDGE MATCH! Just one question…if the judges are competing, who’s judging?

(pics via syfy.com)


2 thoughts

  1. I loved this challenge, I did like the concept for the Scarecrow getting mixed up with the Mad Hatter, but i agree the face was kinda dark. They should’ve gone with a look similar to Colin Baker’s patchwork coat from Doctor Who. that would’ve been awesome, and it would’ve brought out the notion of the Scarecrow absorbing the light while in the midst of the Tea Party.

    Also, the Lion was definitely a mess, Jason was too domineering and Sasha too passive. it should’ve been more like a fusion of the lion and the cheshire cat.

    The Flying Monkey was OFF THE CHAIN! The notion of it becoming the Queen’s court jester definitely was pulled off visually.

    the Wicked Witch was a huge missed opportunity, cuz they should’ve made her the Wicked White Queen, give her ivory skin and a tattered white regal dress, like its something she tore right off the former White Queen or something.


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