Face Off Season 7: Beware Greeks Bearing Heads

Our Final Six meet McKenzie in the lab, which has been filled with topiary and columns to represent “Greece.” She has artist Michelle Burke with her to judge today’s Foundation Challenge. It is introduced as a “Medusa Challenge,” but they’re not making the famous monster. They’re making her turned-to-stone victims. There’s an extra prize for this–a Branded Spray Booth, with a brand name so silly, hearing the contestants talk about how much they want it is downright funny.

Burke is judging based on the realism of the stone work on the skin. She’s not impressed with Sasha, and she finds Cig’s work too uniform. She likes Dina and Drew‘s work. But George‘s moss work and aging the stone impresses her, and she also loves Stella‘s choice of prosthetic. Stella gets the spray booth…no immunity though.


We go straight from that into the Spotlight Challenge, which is also Greek Myth related. This time they’re going to make Gods and Goddesses. Since we haven’t been able to tie that whole contrived “Life and Death” theme in lately, they’ll also have to make the severed head of the God or Goddess’ enemy. McKenzie has the God symbols on pedestals for each contestants to choose from. If you know your mythology, you know which symbol goes with who without McKenzie reading them off. To wit:

  • Stella: Poseidon
  • Drew: Hades
  • Dina: Aphrodite
  • Cig: Apollo
  • George: Zeus
  • Sasha: Athena

Day One isn’t until the next day, which gives those who don’t know their Greek myths time to bone up. Well, except for Sasha, who claims to know nothing about Greek Myths, and sits in a corner for most of the sculpting session looking confused. The severed heads range from a dead Titan to ugly fish heads.

Let’s see what everyone has for the Westmores:


  • Stella: Her Poseidon has seahorse elements and an octopus for a severed head. Michael thinks she should emphasize her gills.
  • Drew: His Hades is desiccated from being underground for so long. His severed head is a minion. Michael points out dead eyes roll up, not stare straight out.
  • Dina: Her Aphrodite is sea-foam based with a shell head. Michael is impressed.
  • Sasha: She has nothing sculpted, and her concept is really stupid–that Athena is turning to stone holding Medusa’s head, and Medusa is controlling her. Setting aside the fact that that’s not how that myth works *at all,* this latching on to the theme of the Foundation challenge because she has no ideas and knows nothing about Greek Myths is some sad desperation. Michael shrugs that if she can pull it off, the Medusa head has to not look like it came from a Halloween shop.

There’s no following Sasha’s oncoming disaster, so George and Cig don’t get camera time with the Westmores. I assume this means they are safe this week. Cig decides near the end of the day he doesn’t like his fiery cowl sculpt and starts over.

Day Two in the lab has George already finished with his face mold, and Drew already run his cowl. They’ve moved on to armor fabrication. Dina’s sculpt is gorgeous and detailed, but she’s not the one with mold drama. That would be Stella, who didn’t prep her mold properly, and is now freaking out she won’t be able to open it. Of course, it’s fine. When is Mold Drama not fine? By the afternoon, everyone is prepainting their severed heads.

Application Day sees Sasha close to a meltdown because she hates how everything came out. She didn’t do well at making stone in the Foundation Challenge, why did she think she would magically do it better three days later? It doesn’t help that she has to cut her helmet at the last-minute, because she forgot to take the wig into account. Stella has to work so hard on her seams, she doesn’t get a lot of paint time before Last Looks. George has major time crunch issues towards the end as well.

Let’s head over to the Reveal Stage.


There are four on the judging panels tonight. But the extra chair does not go to Ve Neill. Instead, Scott Wilson of The Walking Dead is joining Neville, Lois and Glenn. Exactly what an actor (who is not even famous for playing a God or anything) lends to this panel is unclear, except that Syfy managed to wrangle a famous face. Yes, he got his head cut off last season. This does not make him a judge of severed heads, does it? Perhaps Syfy thinks it does.

Mushy Middle


Drew: Hades It looks a bit more “Viking God” than “Greek God,” and the headdress is unnecessarily sloppy. The minion head looks like he stole it from a Muppet prop shop.


Stella: Poseidon There are good ideas here, with the shells in the eyebrows and the gills around the nose. But he looks too fishy and the paint job is too dark. I would not know that was an octopus head he’s holding. Lois says it looks like a potato. Glenn asks if it was from Fraggle Rock.



Cig: Apollo His golden god is gorgeous, though I wish he’d brought the make up all the way down across the face. The plague ridden head he’s carrying looks like a painted Styrofoam rock from Star Trek: The Original Series. Glenn loves the fire aspect in the cowl, but Lois points out that it doesn’t continue, and the “flames” on the shoulders look like “puffed sleeves on a girl’s dress.” No one mentions his rock head.


Dina: Aphrodite I love how gorgeous, yet alien, she looks with the shell headdress. Yes, the shoulders look like they were stolen out of the nearest dentist’s aquarium, but the rest of it makes up for that. The fish head is surprisingly realistic yet creepy. Glenn is blown away by the level of detail and beauty in it. Lois said she was very smart by using her model’s face to her advantage. All four agree it is just beautiful. Glenn says it was head and shoulders above everyone else, and to him, the only real “Top” look of the night. She wins, hands down.



George: Zeus I like the face, but the hair reminds me of The Dude from The Big Lebowski. The sky colored armor is a little silly, and Lois points out looks like manboobs. Neville says it’s a cross dressing Zeus. Lois also nails what’s wrong with the hair–the mustache is curly, but the beard is straight, so they are clearly not from the same man. The severed head (which looks like a giant ant) is really cool, but Scott, quite rightly, asks why it wasn’t clearly killed by a lightning bolt.


Sasha: Athena That’s a disaster. No helmet, which is her symbol. The “stone work” which was a bad idea to begin with, looks like an infectious disease. The Medusa head looks like bad elementary school level papier-mache. Lois points out that there’s a picture of stone behind this Medusa on stage, and that the stonework on the model looks more like the gravel on the ground. Neville calls the severed Medusa head “an anime sex doll head” which is kinder than I would have been.

I mean, there’s no way Sasha’s not finally going home, right? They can’t continuously save her, right? Her whiny drama isn’t bringing that much to the table, right?

Right. This marks the second time the “Save” has been used, and the person who was saved was merely prolonged in the competition for a few extra weeks, without making the finale.

Next Week: Natural Disaster Fairies


One thought

  1. They should have used the judge’s save on Keaghlan not Sasha. Keaghlan would have done quite well with this challenge and not fallen apart.


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