Face Off Season 7: Fairies of Disaster

The disaster setting where our Final Five meet McKenzie this week is impressive. It’s the Universal Studios backlot again, this time on the set built for the Tim Cruise/Steven Spielberg movie “War of the Worlds,” complete with a fully crashed 747.  You can therefore imagine everyone’s confusion when McKenzie starts talking about mythological fairies and the four classical Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air.)


This challenge is to create an elemental fairy, born of a natural disaster. You’re not dreaming, this actually doesn’t have anything to do with a set of a movie about alien invasions. I get that the set they’re on is sort of close to a natural disaster, but still. This feels like a serious stretch, especially when we’re told the contestants have to run through the disaster set to find the Big Screen TVs with the different disasters on them and pick one. But then again, that other Tom Cruise movie that would be appropriate for this challenge, 1986’s Legend, probably doesn’t still have its set preserved on the Universal Backlot, so what are you going to do?

  • Cig: Avalanche
  • George: Earthquake
  • Drew: Oil Spill
  • Stella: Wildfire
  • Dina: Flood

The boys are all very nervous about this. Up until now we haven’t had a “beauty makeup” challenge, and the judges have favored horror and gore, so we’ve ended up with a majority of contestants who are really far outside their comfort zone here. Only Drew seems to be the one with the right idea, designing a high art runway piece. After sketching in the disaster zone, it’s back to the lab to start sculpting and await the coming of the Westmore Family Walkthrough.


  • Drew: His Oil Fairy is going to be more sand and rock than oil slick creature. Michael seems impressed.
  • Cig: His ice wings idea isn’t bad, but he’s freaking out over the beauty make up. Michael insists beauty make up is just face painting.
  • Stella: Her flames around the face for her Wildfire Fairy could work, but I keep hearing Madeline Khan. Michael shrugs this design is all in the paint job.
  • Dina: She’s taking a risk with her Flood Fairy by wanting to cover the face in sand. Michael advises her which product to use.
  • George: His Earthquake Fairy is magma covered and looks like a horror makeup. Michael frowns that the chest piece is going to look sliced open, and basically talks him through redoing it.

Just in case we needed more proof selfies are played out, the Westmores take them with all the contestants. Once that’s over, the contestants all hit the mold room one by one. Drew realises his high art runway gelatin bodysuit is impractical for a human being to wear. If only all designers cared about such trifles.

Day two, and everyone is hurrying through the mold phase because they need to fabricate wings. Stella is the only one who hasn’t, since her fire fairy is more about sculpted flames than wings. (Actually, she’s not doing wings at all. That’s a bad sign.) Since she’s the only one molding during the afternoon, she naturally gets all the mold drama, including having Drew give her a hand to finish. Her cowl comes out the closest thing to a disaster we’ve had all season. For once, mold drama is not fine.

Application Day, and George bitches and moans that fairies just aren’t him, which makes me hope he goes home. If you don’t have the creativity to handle fairies, you should not be allowed to continue on the show. Everyone else focuses on their paint jobs, except for Stella, who is still working on her disastrous cowl. At last looks, she’s praying to get the paint job to a point where she will pass. Meanwhile Cig learns beauty make up really is just face painting.

Let’s head to the reveal stage and see how these turned out.


Glenn, Lois and Neville are here tonight to judge our ever shrinking group. No guest judges on hand, since the tie in this week were nebulous at best to begin with. I am slightly disappointed. There are so many fairy movies out there, how did Face Off totally whiff on a better tie in? Heck, they could have tied in Labyrinth and brought in Brian Froud and tied in to Syfy’s continuing collaboration with the Jim Henson studio. Total failure to synergize.



George: Earthquake Fairy Westmore told him to not make it all volcano and magma, but instead focus on green and rebirth. The end result is she looks like a jungle fairy with the huge banana leaf wings. That being said, for all his bitching and  moaning the face is spectacular, and I love the cracked shoulder with the moss coming out. The judges love it. Lois says the face reminds her of some of the fairies from Legend, which is a huge compliment.


Dina: Flood Fairy I’m impressed at how wet it looks from afar. Up close she looks like beautiful mud. Lois praises how light she managed to make the mud feel, while Neville likes how she once again used the models own features to her advantage. Glenn says the facial make up is the star, and everything else works in service to highlight it.


Cig: Avalanche Fairy It’s gorgeous. I’m really impressed by the ice wings. For a horror designer, it’s good to see he’s got the ability to stretch. Lois calls her delightful. She is calls the wings exceptionally good. Glenn is so overwhelmed by how good it is, he babbles. Neville also name checks the wings as his favorite part. They give him the win after a run of top looks that never won, which, considering he was out of his element, is even more impressive.



Drew: Oil Spill Fairy I get why he did iridescent beauty make up, but the result makes her look like a cliché black and white fairy when contrasted with the oil spill pieces. All three judges are disappointed he put a seam in the middle of the face (it’s photographed to hide it) which basically guarantees he’ll be in the bottom. The other complaint is that the oil spill doesn’t really connect to her body. There’s the gloss on her face that doesn’t carry down the body, there’s the oil on the body that doesn’t touch her face.


Stella: Wildfire Fairy The problem with sculpting flames is that they look sculpted. It looks like the big foam headpieces you find on a DragonBallZ costume. The paint job is pretty though. Lois is very kind, saying that the concept is good, but the execution–especially the transitions into and out of the cowl–are just a disaster. Neville says it’s the too obvious a choice with the flames around the head, and lacked imagination. Glenn complains that it doesn’t have wings, showing that she’s not the only one. But the heavy cowl flames and the concept really are what take her down. She is out.

Next Week: Alien Invasion Headlines–in other words, a challenge that would have made sense to be on the War of the Worlds set.


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