Cosplay Shoe Skirmish: Star Trek vs Star Wars

I’ve been looking at the shoes made by the cosplay designers at Orion’s Originals, and the old “Warrior vs Trekkie” debate is in full swing. Which shoes are cuter?


Not in contention: The R2D2 heel. Already something of a cosplay standard, and done to death.

After the jump: let the battle begin!

Heels Category:




Winner: Star Trek. Both have glitter heels, the title of the show and a recognizable signifiers emblazoned on the toe. But where the Star Wars is a little 70s retro in the colors and plain, the Star Trek have unexpected Spock on the instep and the Starfleet emblem on the outside heel.

Flats Category:




Winner: Star Wars. This was a very hard choice. i love the coloring on the Star Trek flats and the sparkle toes, plus the “To Boldly Go….” But the Star Wars flats edge them out with that Rebel Girl reference. So much better than the damn “I Love You/I Know” heels.

You can see more of Orion’s Originals at their facebook page, or at the Fashion Show this weekend at Comikaze Expo. I’ll be sitting here wondering if I can get the Wonder Woman theme to play as I walk around in this pair of cuties.



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