JK Rowling’s Christmas Potter Stories: Draco Malfoy Part Two

It is our second to last day of Pottermore Christmas Reveals, and we are not disappointed. The clue clearly tells us who the new story is about. Today is the reveal of the promised Draco Malfoy additional material.


We found Draco Malfoy’s locked material and posted it back on Day Four. It turns out that was a red herring to make us think we found it. Today, there’s much, much more to the story. There also a lovely long comment by JK Rowling at the end.

First, the part we unlocked on Day Four, for those that missed it:


And now the new material:

draco draco2 draco3 draco4 draco5 draco6 draco7 draco8 draco9 draco10 draco11 draco12 draco13

This is officially the longest story released, and with only one more day to go, I assume it is the crown jewel of the new material. (Considering most days, there is no new material, and we have to go hunting to unlock new-to-us stuff, I assume this piece is the real reason behind the 12 Days of Pottermore Christmas.)


Remember, if you missed any of the earlier installments of Pottermore Christmas, they’re below.

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Day Eight: Time Turner
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Day Ten: Inferi


7 thoughts

  1. She says Draco’s good at Occlumency ‘cause he’s able to “shut down emotion, to compartmentalise, and to deny essential parts of himself.” I never thought so. I mean Draco –unlike Lucius- never seems able to quite suppress his thoughts or to control his emotions –especially not around Harry. In fact, in book 2 his father advises not to show how much he dislikes Harry, and he does the exact opposite.


    1. Yeah, in year two. But by the fifth, he had gotten better with controlling his anger. Of course he still teased Harty, but as he got older, he didn’t express himself much. He went through some emotional issues, and, while he wanted attention, he didn’t quite want infamy. Draco pretty much wanted to be worshipped.

      Agree with you on his earlier self.


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