JK Rowling’s Christmas Potter Stories: Order of Merlin

It’s our final day of Pottermore Christmas. How will it end? Who is our last clue?

Of course it is. Like it could be anyone else.



Dumbledore, we miss you every day. Click around and find the wizard in green, and you’ll unlock Rowling’s final Christmas installment, all about one of the most prestigious awards there is in the Wizarding World. Dumbledore himself was awarded it for his defeat of Grindelwald: the Order of Merlin.

merlin1 merlin2


So that’s it for the 12 Days of Pottermore Christmas. But that’s not it for locked stories. Pottermore is filled with them, so many locked tidbits, all new from JK Rowling. You can head to Pottermore now, and start clicking on the related moments and find yourself skipping all over Harry’s story line–or just follow the scroll at the bottom if you’d prefer to go in order. Just look for the sign of the little red quill on any moment’s picture, and you’ll find tidbits and histories and all sorts of material. Pottermore is a virtual treasure trove of Potterlore and Wizarding history, all waiting for you to go find it. I highly encourage spending your vacation doing just that.

If you missed any of the earlier installments of Pottermore Christmas, they’re below.

Day One: Cokeworth
Day Two: The Leaky Cauldron
Day Three: Potions
Day Four: Draco Malfoy Part One
Day Five: Pensieve
Day Six: Vampires
Day Seven: Minerva McGonagall
Day Eight: Time Turner
Day Nine: Dementors
Day Ten: Inferi
Day Eleven: Draco Malfoy Part Two


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