Game of Thrones: The Sand Snakes

I knew Pedro Pascal was a good casting choice last season when they announced him for the hot-headed and pleasure-seeking Oberyn Martell. But I had no idea just how popular he was going to be with viewers. That’s partly because in the books he’s sort of a side figure, a deus ex machina who flames out. I think it was clear the producers weren’t sure how much he would resonate with the public, as they put his death in episode 8. I think if they had realized they had a Red Wedding level event there, they might have found a way to make that episode 9 instead.



Dorne looks to be continuing that streak of more popular in the TV show than on the page with the introduction of Martell’s bastard daughters. I’m getting the feeling these guys are going to turn out to be as popular as their father.

Check the video out below!

It occurred to me last week that the show has done a huge amount of promotional work to prepare viewers for Dorne, which I think accounts for how excited I am and others are about it. It’s one of the benefits that a TV show gets that books don’t. When Feast for Crows came out in the middle of last decade, readers flocked to it expecting more of what they had before–Jon, Tyrion, Dany–and were rudely dropped into this whole other part of the continent, filled with characters they had no emotional connection to. There was no warning for us. TV show viewers, on the other hand, have been slowly prepped to be dropped into this whole other world since the first rumors of the Season 5 casting hit the web back in June. I have to hand it to the producers, they really worked hard to make Dorne work for the series. I can’t wait to visit.


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