New York Fashion Week Spring 2016 RTW: BCBG Max Azira

There comes that incredibly awkward moment in every fashion maven’s life. When she looks at the runway and sees for he first time, her college years walking right at her. And she realizes in horror, that she has just joined the ranks of the last generation. She is now that woman looking at the teenager dressing like she did in her early 20s, and realizing how it must have felt to the last generation back then, when she raided her mother’s closet for those “vintage pieces.”

BCBGMaxAzria 001

That happened this morning for me at BCBG Max Azira. So far, in this slowly unfolding late breaking 90s revival, we’ve had faux grunge looks that do not understand that grunge was never supposed to mix with high fashion. We’ve had the 70s by way of the 90s looks with the third (or is that fourth?) coming of the hippie boho revival.

But this marks the first time that someone has sent that very specific look of the later 90s slouch that mixed the tail end of grunge with the rolling candy colors of the ravers with the tie dye DIY of the hippie. The late 90s are here, ushered in by the Azria show, in their more relaxed and down to earth BCBG collection. It was all there, from the patchwork bucket hats to the layerings of dresses over tops over pants that back then we found for a dollar in the local thrift shop, to the overlong sleeves that cover the thumbs.  Even the long unbrushed hair and the nude makeup were right on target.

Welcome to 1997, of children of the next generation. Now if you’ll excuse me, I feel like I’m late to Freshman English. Or perhaps a drink.

The full collection is below. For maximum impact, I suggest listening to this while you look at them.

BCBGMaxAzria 002 BCBGMaxAzria 003 BCBGMaxAzria 004 BCBGMaxAzria 005 BCBGMaxAzria 006 BCBGMaxAzria 007 BCBGMaxAzria 008 BCBGMaxAzria 009 BCBGMaxAzria 010 BCBGMaxAzria 011 BCBGMaxAzria 012 BCBGMaxAzria 013 BCBGMaxAzria 014 BCBGMaxAzria 015 BCBGMaxAzria 016 BCBGMaxAzria 017 BCBGMaxAzria 018 BCBGMaxAzria 019 BCBGMaxAzria 020 BCBGMaxAzria 021 BCBGMaxAzria 022 BCBGMaxAzria 023 BCBGMaxAzria 024 BCBGMaxAzria 025 BCBGMaxAzria 026 BCBGMaxAzria 027 BCBGMaxAzria 028 BCBGMaxAzria 029 BCBGMaxAzria 030 BCBGMaxAzria 031 BCBGMaxAzria 032 BCBGMaxAzria 033 BCBGMaxAzria 034 BCBGMaxAzria 035


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