Project Runway Season 14: NYFW Spring 2016 Sampler

Last Friday, Project Runway did their presentation at New York Fashion Week. But it was not the long and arduous show with 10 designers each showing ten looks for a ridiculous 100 look show, as I had feared. Instead Project Runway did the sensible thing–they walked the four finalists (because you know that it will somehow magically be four in the finale, even though the show still pretends it’s only going to be three until the last-minute reprieve) and two dummy collections.

I know! It’s like after five years from stealing the show from Bravo, Lifetime is actually learning that in order to make making it deep into the show actually *mean* something, they had to stop allowing every Bryce, Dick and Jeremy who happened to make the Top Ten walk some boring old clothes. Yes, that means that those who do walk don’t get their moment in the sun, as the six lines are kept anonymous, since with only six options to pick from, we’d guess pretty quickly which were the false lines. But like the current AnthonyRyan Rule™, there’s only so much they can do to keep this stuff anonymous. We’ve seen the work these guys put out, and we can probably guess pretty quickly whose stuff is whose. Much like you can guess that since this show happened on September 11th, the show would make sure to play up the patriotism.

Project Runway Judges Spring 2016

So once again, let us play the guessing game. One look for each of the six collections that walked is under the cut. You figure out who designed what, and which of our remaining Top Ten will be making the Top Six.


Collection 1, Sample Look (Revealed: Kelly’s Collection. Critiqued by Tim in Part 1 of the Finale. See full line here.)


Collection 2, Sample Look. (Revealed: Edmond’s Collection. Glimpsed being unbagged in Part 1 of the Finale. See full line here.)


Collection 3, Sample Look (Revealed: Merline’s Collection. See full line here.)


Collection 4, Sample Look (Revealed: Candice’s Collection. Shown as her “Muse” model in Part 2 of the Finale. See full line here.)


Collection 5, Sample Look (Revealed: Swapnil’s Collection. See full line here.)


Collection 6, Sample Look (Revealed: Ashley’s Collection. Presented in First Draft Form as part of Mini Collection in Part 1 of the Finale. See full line here.)


5 thoughts

  1. I feel like assuming the last look w/ the plus size model is Ashley’s is too obvious and therefore not her.


    1. I am 100% with you on the last two. I am less certain about the others. Partly because I am not convinced Merline is up there.
      Though I’ll admit, given the choice, I would love to see her make the runway show, and if she does get auff’ed, I want to see Tim use the save for her. (Though considering the edit Swapnil started getting this past episode, I’m thinking they’re building towards him getting the save.) Ideally I’d love to see Lindsey and Laurie be the next two out.


      1. Wow, I TOTALLY forgot Laurie is still in the competition! I think that’s because I have absolutely no handle on what her signature style is. I am positive Lindsey made none of these — nothing is boring enough.

        I’m fairly confident about #3 being Merline’s due to the architectural lines, and the hat — she personally wears that style of hat often on the show.


    2. Yes, my guesses exactly. I can’t see #2 as Edmond though, but I can’t imagine who else. I’d say Blake if he weren’t already aufed.


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