Star Wars: The Force Awakens Final Trailer

Everyone take a moment to sit back and marvel. Not at the trailer, which you probably already watched at least five times by now, and will again after the jump. No. Sit back and marvel at last night’s Disneytastic synergenatic masterpiece of marketing. Airing the final trailer on ESPN, during Monday Night Football, while simultaneously putting tickets on sale eight weeks out from the film is perhaps one of the smartest ploys I’ve seen in the history of movie marketing.

Trailer3 Shot6

And just so everyone is aware, as of yesterday I started writing over at Dorkside of the Force, so after this, I will be keeping my Star Wars geekery (mostly) over there. Check out over there later for my shot-by-shot breakdown of the trailer, as we parse everything there is to know about the coming movie. (And for the record, lensflare count for the trailer stands at three.)

Now let’s watch the trailer, so that that moment when Han hugs Leia can hit you right between the feels again.


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