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      1. I got stuck with a Tory, but the other two seats in the city were split by the Liberals and NDP. The Liberal is a long time good egg who was first elected in 1974. The NDPer who won by a handful of votes is the son of people I know. The Tories took 10 of 14 seats, but that is down from 13 of 14.


  1. Hey! Russia!
    Our PM Designate looks way better shirtless than your tired old Putin.
    Just Sayin

    Wow what a night! Switching back and forth between baseball and election returns.
    Huge majority was unexpected. Huge losses for the NDP were way more than expected. Many good experienced NDP MPs including the deputy Leader went down last night.

    Blue Jays Win. Blue Jays Win. Most of the early drama was in the two hour window between the closing of polls in the Atlantic Time Zone and the Major Results. Then the late innings drama during the mopping up.

    In a squeaker, the NDP took one Regina riding away from the Tories by a handful of votes. I have met him and know his parents and I think he will do well. I am stuck with the Tory ex-speaker who was re-elected.

    Loved this line in JTrudeau’s speech last night, after the divisions of the past few years, and the manufactured hysteria of the niqab.
    “The Conservatives are not our enemies, they are our neighbours. A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.”

    All in all, a good night.


    1. I remember when the shirtless Obama photo was a thing. Hm, perhaps there is a trend here. Somehow I can see Obama and Trudeau kicking back with beers after a friendly game of hoops…

      I am surprised at the magnitude of NDP losses. I haven’t asked the folks back in the GTA (greater Toronto area) their thoughts on yesterday. Either about the election or the Blue Jays. 🙂


      1. He went to 24 Sussex Dr as soon as he was born and lived there his first 12 years. Now he is taking his own 3 young children there. But we are not really dynasts here.


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