Cast Announced for “Victoria”

As the majority of Doctor Who fans know, this is Clara Oswald’s final season, and Jenna Coleman has landed the starring role in ITV’s Victoria mini series next year. Now ITV has gone a step further in production and announced her supporting cast, many of whom will be familiar faces to fans of Who as well.



Let’s start with the major supporting roles:

  • Rufus Sewell: Lord Melbourne, Victoria’s first prime minister
  • Paul Rhys: Sir John Conroy, the man who controlled Victoria’s upbringing, hoping to rule through her.
  • Peter Firth: Duke of Cumberland, her ambitious uncle
  • Catherine Flemming: Duchess of Kent, Queen Victoria’s mother
  • Nichola McAuliffe: Duchess of Cumberland a ruthless game player

Sewell is known over here primarily for his turn in the John Adams mini series. He’ll also be starring in Amazon’s upcoming The Man In The High Castle. Rhys, of course, is from Being Human. Firth is probably best known for Spooks. (MI-5 to the US audience.) McAuliffe is in Coronation Street. Flemming is probably the least familiar name here, as she’s a German actress whose IMDb shows her to works mainly in her own country.


Also included in the cast, downstairs division:

  • Eve Myles:Mrs Jenkins, the Queen’s senior dresser,
  • Adrian Schiller: Penge, the Household Steward,
  •  Daniela Holtz: Victoria’s governess Baroness Lehzen
  • Nell Hudson: Miss Skerrett
  • Tommy-Lawrence Knight: Brodie, the Hall Boy

So not only is Torchwood represented with Myles, but also The Sarah Jane Adventures with Knight. Bonus Outlander casting with Nell Hudson.

Are you looking forward to this as much as I am? Victoria will start off with a 90 minute special that will then segue into seven one hour episodes.



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