Doctor Who: Maisie Cam

Doctor Who has had a lot of fun with hiring Game of Thrones‘ Maisie Williams to be a major player in their season. Not only has the fandom merge pulled in a lot of extra promotional opportunities, but Maisie herself is an amazing asset to the production. She’s only just come of age, and unlike many of her costars, and those in charge of marketing, she’s got a keen sense of the world we find ourselves in today. It was only a month or so ago she started her own YouTube channel to help focus her popularity into something tangible, and that could help her make the leap out of Game of Thrones when it comes in an end in a couple of seasons.

That interesting in producing her own films caught the production’s eye, and so, in the spirit of letting one’s younger cousin take the camera at the family reunion and see what she comes up with, they handed her a recording device and told her to have at it. The result? Maisie Cam!

Check out more entries into Maisie’s time behind the scenes at Doctor Who below.

And as bonus, what she thinks of those silly beards.


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