First Look at Simmons’ Arrival on An Alien World

As I said in my recap yesterday, I really want next week’s episode “4,722 Hours” to be one plot, one location, one singular focus: Elizabeth Henstridge, and her portrayal of Gemma Simmons’ survival on the alien world all those months. Partly because I really do want to know all about it. It’s about time SHIELD got with the “alien worlds” program. But more importantly, after my litany of complaints about the acting on this show, I want to see a tour de force from someone I believe really has the acting chops to deliver it.

If this clip is anything to go by, I might just get my wish. Let’s see what happens as soon as Gemma arrives on the alien world.

You have to admit, it’s very…Simmons, really. Fitz would be impressed.


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