Your Daily Kitty Demands a Larger Sunpuddle



5 thoughts

  1. Little Kitty, the Sunpuddle will return to its regular size with the return of the Sun in the spring.
    But now, Winter is coming.


  2. That Coffee Shops have long had cutesy punny names has long been known and accepted, either happily or unhappily depending on one’s disposition and tolerance for puns and cute.
    Unhappily, tea purveyers are also getting into the act. Yesterday while purchasing some Flowery Tippy Second Flush Darjeeling, I was offered the chance to try some “Steepy Hollow”. As the scent of nutmeg and cinnamon rose, I fled.


  3. There have been considerable complaints about the size and duration of sunpuddles at my house as well.

    Her Ladyship has also become more adamant that I should not leave the house in the morning, too. I suspect this is due to the shortening days and some rule that I should not be out when it’s dark.


    1. Her Ladyship worries when you are out at night. The night is dark and full of terrors.
      Cats of friends of mine are going to get a double shock this winter. Once at the beginning of December when their crates are taken, not to the bets, but to Mexico in the warmth and sun. And another at the end of January, when they leave Mexico and arrive in Canadian February.


      1. Going from Mexico to Canadian February will indeed be a terrible shock.

        The night is indeed dark and full of terrors — there are raccoons, and owls, and even feral humans. I make her worry a great deal.


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