“Pride Prejudice and Zombies” Focuses on The Sword and The Ring

Also, I didn’t realize Charles Dance was in this as Mr. Bennet!

We get another good look at Matt Smith, even though he is definitely not Mr. Darcy. Still no sign of Lena Headey.

Though the marketing department seems to be mistaking this movie for horror rather than sublimely absurdism, it seems clear from the deadpan delivery of the lines that the actors understand what’s up. There’s only one way for this movie to work, and that’s laughing.

Still, you can see the studio is really wary about how it will do in the theaters, as they’re putting it out in the deadzone of February, probably in hopes of rushing it through to on demand and DVD, where it can become a cult stoner classic, as it is clearly designed to be.



One thought

  1. You do know the novel is a gay novel, a send up of this quintessentially heteronormative romance, filled with grotesque imagery meant to burlesque macho glamor males, well behaved but sexually appetite females. Dance is intelligent and could convey irony if he wanted to.

    People never openly discuss this.


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