The Top Ten Overlooked Outfits of Project Runway Season 14

It’s that time again!There’s only one more episode before the finale, and Edmond was not actually eliminated (if Tim doesn’t send you to the workroom, you didn’t go home.) So we’re taking the opportunity to go back over the Project Runway season, and see who was the most robbed this season by the judges.


The opening episode this season was pretty unimpressive when I went back through all the looks. Ashley’s win felt more like a default in comparison to the rest of the cast getting their sea legs. It wasn’t until the second episode, and the first “Unconventional Materials” challenge that we began to see the judges make mistakes. I liked Swapnil’s piece here, don’t get me wrong. But upon reflection it might have deserved to be in the top, but it didn’t really deserve a win.


1. Swapnil in the Hallmark Hall of Fame challenge. This was a moment where things began to just never go Swapnil’s way. In any other world,. this amazing piece, with the paper floral appliques and the amazing attention to detail would have walked away from it. Except that Edmond made a Wedding gown. Still, I would have done a joint win.


2. Kelly and Blake’s Greece Resort Look. Look, I know this look was really rather literal in comparison to the other looks on the runway, especially in the color scheme. That being said, in comparison to everything else on the runway, this was the most “resort” outfit and best made thing up there. Should have at least been in Top Looks, not the Mushy Middle.


3. Edmond’s “Twist” piece. I think half the reason I loved this jacket–other than the fact that it was the most visually entertaining piece of the week–was that it was also his third outfit. That’s right. Third. The show hasn’t over emphasized it too much this season (yet), but Edmond has been trying to get on this show for a decade, and he’s clearly practices to make clothes in very short periods of time. His speed demon skills serve him well, and this look deserved more love for the amount of time he did it in.


We’ve got two entries from the “Team” week Paintball challenge.

4. Swapnil from the Top Team. He was straight out robbed of the win on this week. His piece was my favorite of the group, the most creative and the least flawed. But once again, he lost out to Edmond. At least when he lost to the Wedding Gown, it made sense.


5. Candice from the Losing Team. Despite her collapsed bodice, Candice, hands down, had the best use of the two-tone color scheme, and the closest thing to something wearable out of a terrible conception of a collection. That skirt is really fly. if she had been on the other team, with better fabric, I think she would have been in the top.


6. Ashley in the Bra Challenge. This was one of those completely inexplicable decisions by the judges. Ashley’s bra was the best bra up there, hands down. Her flourishes weren’t overdone (Swapnil) and her design could easily work from a 32AA to a 48 GG. And yet they gave the win to Merline, whose bra was a trainwreck because she did not follow instructions. I do not get it.


7. Ashley in the Technology Challenge. Two in  row for Ashley. The Polaroid dress was a gown of memories. It was up there with the sort of sell Don Draper made with “The Wheel.” And yet, she lost to Kelly’s tin lady. I at least sort of got why here, as Kelly’s tin didn’t look like tin, but silver fabric. But I think the judges really were wrong.


8. Swapnil in  the “Neverland” Challenge. This challenge was poorly thought out and poorly explained, but it boiled down to something of a freebie week for the designers to go nuts. Swapnil responded by going Thom Browne meets Marchesa. It was the best thing on the damn runway. And somehow it was only “safe” proving that by this time, the show was done with advancing him, it was just a matter of him noticing.


9. Ashley’s Ready to Wear outfit. There are so many things to love about this outfit. She took a hideous hospital gown fabric and somehow made it so stylish, it looked like something I’ve literally written about Taylor Swift wearing in her “Sidewalk runway walks” in NYC. To top it off, she had a sexy gold biker jacket, which was a stunner. And yet it lost to a run of the mill red dress. Clearly it was just Too Fab for the NotFab folks.


10. Candice’s Bridge Gown. Fact–the last few weeks on Runway have not been that great. The “Real Woman” challenge was a downright embarrassment in all corners. And this past week, all four contestants were screwed out of model fitting because the show was too cheap to fly the models out there, but too indebted to FITM to not film an episode there. But the Bridge inspired 3D challenge brought out some of the designers’ best work in a while. Though i won’t argue about Kelly’s win–after her, she was the only one who actually went for Avante Garde, I will say that Candice should have tied her for it. Hers was the only one where the use of the 3D print appliques was the most well thought out. And if the prize is giving the 3D printer to the person who shows they deserved it most, that answer was clearly Candice.

Next week: we find out if Edmond is saved (Most likely yes) and we head to Fashion Week.



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