Doctor Who: “The Zygon Invasion” Images

Let’s start with the good news–Osgood is back and alive, and prominent in this week’s batch of promotional pictures. From all reports, this is partly due to the Doctor going back into the past. We’re rejoining UNIT for this adventure sometime after the events of “The Day of the Doctor” but long before the misadventure with Missy at the end of last season. I had thought that a little odd–after all, doesn’t the show try to keep the Doctor from crossing his own time stream, or something? If someone is dead in the Whoniverse, he doesn’t get to go back and see them alive again, does he?

20150512-DW S9B4-231623

And that’s when I realized how much this theme will tie in to the Doctor’s talk of ghosts, and the scene from “Before the Flood” post O’Donnell’s death. Also, as a side note, Clara wasn’t aboard that plane when Osgood died, so she may not be as taken aback to see her alive again as the Doctor will.

Also, from that top picture, it looks like that terrible “President of the World” thing might be a factor again. Call me American, but man does that make me cringe.

More pictures, below.

20150602-DW S9B4-090002 20150602-DW S9B4-094222 20150602-DW S9B4-121319 20150602-DW S9B4-142754

Perhaps it’s just me, but somehow I thought UNIT HQ would be more…up to date? Where are they? A card catalog? Really?

20150512-DW S9B4-141012 20150512-DW S9B4-141035 20150512-DW S9B4-152233 20150512-DW S9B4-154745

Clara is really dependent on the iPhone, isn’t she? It’s like her version of the Doctor’s screwdriver.

20150512-DW S9B4-165859

Thank god finally someone gave her a proper torch.

20150604-DW S9B4-111202A 20150604-DW S9B4-141734

We’re back aboard the plane that crashed too.

20150604-DW S9B4-170219 20150604-DW S9B4-170429

She looks like someone just told her she died.

20150604-DW S9B4-170448 20150604-DW S9B4-170456B

Can one die twice aboard the same plane?

20150518-DW S9B4-190819 20150518-DW S9B4-190852

I have no idea what this has to do with anything, but I don’t care. Damn Jenna Coleman looks good on a bike.

20150522-DW S9B4-160136

The playground matches the TARDIS.

20150522-DW S9B4-124551 20150522-DW S9B4-124722

Let’s move on to portraits.

20150527 DW S9B41233 20150527 DW S9B41280

I do love the scarf.

20150527 DW S9B41371 20150527 DW S9B41374

This is Jaye Griffiths, who plays Jac.

20150529 DW S9B41457 20150529 DW S9B41469

At least by now she’s earned the Doctor’s respect.


2 thoughts

    1. Because that’s what everyone’s said in interviews. This is the Doctor and Clara going back to a point just after the 50th Anniversary special, which should be thought of as “the prologue to it.”


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