Tunes for Tuesday: Grimes “Flesh without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream”

We knew that with the release of reject track “Realiti” last year that Grimes was scrapping everything she had worked on for her new album and was heading off in a completely new directions. Now, after was feels like an eternity, we finally have the first tracks from her forthcoming album.


The direction is certainly new. The electro-pop synth dream sound is gone, replaced by a heavier, more mainstream pop sound, designed to join Charli XCX and Lorde in the Top Ten radio plays per hour on your commute. Some things have remained the same though–the vocals are still ethereal and unintelligible, more meant as another layer of instrumentation  than as deep lyrics with meaning.

The video for this double track (the break between them comes at 4:38 on the video) also is clearly influenced from the Kpop scene, a nod to how big her sound in overseas in the Asian market. There’s also a distinct nod to Lady Gaga. And blood. Lots and lots of blood.


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