100 Years of Beauty: Part 11 Brazil

I had despaired after three months of silence that CutVideo’s brilliant “100 Years of Beauty In One Minute” series had come to an end. But against all hope, it turns out the series is not over. It was just on hiatus for a little while. Today they released their eleventh installment, which focuses on a continent they had not gone to before now.


Welcome to the party South America! Welcome to 100 Years of Beauty, Brazil.

I’m really blown away by this. Brazil is surprisingly cutting edge here, even in the 1910s, it’s almost like the 1920s came early. There are some outliers early on, both in the 1920s, and then the 1940s (the Carmen Miranda is both expected and yet feels very left field.) But once you pass WWII and get to Western dominated tropes, it’s like they took what the magazines were selling and dialed them up to eleven. The 1960s, the 1980s, and especially the 1990s feel almost like a parody of what is now seen as the stereotypical look of the era.

Oh and nice bathing suit ad at the end there. I suppose that’s one way to fund the series.



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