Five Videos for National Cat Day

It is National Cat Day today. The internet should celebrate with cat videos of all sorts and stripes. We certainly are here, snuggling with the mascots of The Pop Culturess–ok, when they let us anyway.

As part of today’s celebration, we bring you five of our favorite cat videos. Go watch with someone furry who purrs.

Over at mugumogu, the home of famous internet cat Maru, they’ve posted historical footage of the famous cat before he was one of the internet’s most famous kitties.

Henri, Le Chat Noir is another famous interest cat. Roger Ebert called “Henri 2: Paw De Deux” “the Greatest Internet Cat Video of All Time.”

Henri may have won accolades, but Simon’s Cat won”Best Comedy Short” at the British Animation Awards in 2008, for their first ever video, “Cat Man Do.”

FunnyCats and NiceFish have been doing compilations for three years now, but for my money, the first one–the dancing chorus line of cats–can’t be beat.

And finally, for a long time this account was called “9 cats.” Then it became “10 cats.” This video of the ten eating is my favorite of the batch, as number 10 (Osamu) cannot stop eating.

And a bonus video, and a personal one. My cat, SirEats, breaking into his food container and helping himself.



4 thoughts

  1. Je les aime, but especially Rogert Ebert’s. I’ve seen and put on my blog Simon’s cat. The one of Sireats is yours.


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