Your Daily Kitty Gets Lit for Halloween


A side effect of uplighting one’s house for Halloween. Uplighting one’s cat. (Who needs to put their cats in costume when you can just light them correctly?)

Check out a few more spooky panfur pics below.

12096536_10153696637761779_471076089773420594_n 12187780_10153696637826779_7138517511497163607_n 12189113_10153696637741779_7865789594519929479_n


2 thoughts

  1. Spooky cats! We didn’t have that many mendicants at the door this year, but they were very polite. All groups said thank you, and the older kids prompted the younger ones.
    Some were charmingly retro and carried the old fashion pillow cases as loot bags instead of specialty store bought bags.


    1. Definitely spooky cats! There weren’t any kids in my new-ish neighborhood. I miss the old place, where there were many kids and the night would inevitably end with the adults from several houses sitting on one front porch, drinking wine and handing out five houses worth of candy at a time. 🙂

      I did see many good costumes on Saturday, both children and adults. It looked like a fun time was had by all.


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