100 Years of Beauty: Part 12 Men

Yes. After eleven episodes of women’s beauty around the world for the last 100 years, CutVideo has finally turned towards the other gender. Of course, most viewers see this as part of the “Movember” movement, in that it shows mustaches and facial  hair throughout the last 100 years, along with hair standards. Personally, I just think it’s about time.


Much like the Women’s Standards of Beauty first episode, this is American Western standards. I really hope it’s not the only male-centered video. If nothing else, I’d like to see them do an African-American counterpart, and then do them side by side, like they did in Part 2 of the Women’s Standards of Beauty. Until then, we’ll have to content ourselves with a video delving into the research behind each look.

Researcher Chris Chan talks about the inspiration behind these looks.


2 thoughts

  1. It would be neat to see a re-edited version going in actual order of the looks as they kept cutting.

    Start with modern 2010s lumberdude, back to 1970s counterculture, to 1990s grunge and 1960s hippie, to 1910s Edwardian and 1930s Gable, on through Elvis and the faux-hawk and the sailor look, all the way down to 1980s and 1920s button-down business.


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