Your Daily Kitty Went Disco For Halloween



3 thoughts

  1. I cannot remember who here recommended Empires of the Word, but thank you. It is certainly not a quick read, but one to pick up every three or four days and then think over. I am 27% read right now, but do not know if that includes appendices etc. Enjoying it very much and learning a lot that I had no inkling of.
    Anyway Thank you.


    1. That may have been me. You’re welcome! 🙂 I am also slowly working my way through it, but need to get a move on so that I can discuss it with sibling and parent at Thanksgiving.


  2. Dancing queen! Kitty is a dancing queen! (Though in this photo kitty is decidedly not dancing. I think it might be a faux pas to not dance on the dance floor.)


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