Childhood’s End: New Trailers Plus Cast Identification

Last year’s three night holiday special from SyFy had a glossy sheen to it, but even from the trailers, one could tell the pitch had been Mad Men meets BSG, and chances are if you can cite the pitch from the trailers, it’s not going to go much farther than that. This year, SyFy has taken a much bigger risk, bringing to television Arthur C. Clarke’s seminal novel Childhoods End, with, maybe not an all-star cast, but certainly a quality one.

Below, a longer trailer that delves a little deeper…plus one that…well, you’ll see.

I’ll admit, I’m still a little nervous, because SyFy is not exactly known for quality, except for on a fluke. On the other hand, this does look promising.

On the other, other hand though, there’s *this.*

Clearly, someone in market has the assumption that the audience that tunes into a channel that is supposedly all about Science Fiction, wouldn’t actually know anything about Childhood’s End, or Arthur C Clarke, and so they have to try to sell it based on the fact that these are all well-known actors from quality television. (Note they don’t even assume you know that Colm Meaney is from Star Trek.) They do, however, assume you know that Charles Dance is from Game of Thrones, and the inglorious way he died.

Charles Dance is going to forever be known for that. I suppose there are worse ways to be infamous.



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