Doctor Who: “The Zygon Inversion” Preview Pictures

So the good news–despite the lack of “Next Time” trailer in order to further the suspense, the Doctor and Osgood do actually magically survive.

20150518-DW S9B4-154348B

Even better, it looks like the Doctor enjoys long walks on the beach! Make sure to add it in his OKCupid profile. (I am now going to massively regret when Moffat writes the Doctor a line about his OKCupid profile, aren’t I?)

As for the rest of the preview pictures, check them out below.

20150515-DW S9B4-131407

Also, he’s driving a Mom van now. Or perhaps a Sprinter?

20150515-DW S9B4-133538

Someone is having fun with Sonic Sunglasses

20150515-DW S9B4-134606

Until she’s not anyway.

20150515-DW S9B4-135417C 20150515-DW S9B4-151014

Who are they on the phone with anyway?

20150508-DW S9B4-194106 2 20150508-DW S9B4-220225 2

So do they know Lethbridge-Stewart has been compromised?

20150508-DW S9B4-223959 2

Who *IS* this dude?

20150521-DW S9B4-083430 20150521-DW S9B4-084505

Evil Clara sports tight ponytails.

20150521-DW S9B4-085247 20150521-DW S9B4-093849

Does it bother anyone else that this box resembles the pandorica?

20150521-DW S9B4-101142

Or better yet a TARDIS blue version of the box with the destruct button from the 50th Anniversary Special?

20150521-DW S9B4-110946

“Hmmm, never noticed that!”

20150521-DW S9B4-113801 20150521-DW S9B4-124808

“I’m still evil, I just took my hair down for a minute.”

20150529-DW S9B4-171611

I do believe this is a very liberal use of R27

20150529-DW S9B4-113227

Does great things for the Zygons though…

20150529-DW S9B4-115241A

So who si she aiming at, anyway?

20150529-DW S9B4-115637



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