100 Years of Beauty: Part 12 Men (Alternate version)

Earlier this week, we were pleased to see that CutVideo had finally done a male centered video for their 100 years of Beauty series. But one of things that was hard to miss is that, unlike with the women’s videos, where it feels like they actually go in order with the looks, the male model’s order of looks had clearly not been done in decade order. The facial hair came and went randomly. One of my commenters even said how much he’d like to see the video reordered so we could see the progression of shaving down from full beard to cleanfaced:

Start with modern 2010s lumberdude, back to 1970s counterculture, to 1990s grunge and 1960s hippie, to 1910s Edwardian and 1930s Gable, on through Elvis and the faux-hawk and the sailor look, all the way down to 1980s and 1920s button-down business.


CutVideo must have gotten quite a few requests for this very thing. Because today I discovered they have released that very thing. Check out “100 Years of Beauty: Men The “Alternative” (IE: Actually Filmed) Order.”

So the order filmed was:

  • 2010s (model’s beginning look)
  • 1970s
  • 1990s (Shave to goatee)
  • 1960s (major haircut)
  • 1910s (shave to mustache/second major haircut)
  • 1930s (handlebar mustache to pencil)
  • 1980s (face shaved clean)
  • 1920s
  • 1940s
  • 1950s
  • 2000s (sides of head shaved)

I love that they also added his girlfriend’s reaction at the end to the loss of all that hair.


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