Soda Bunny’s Adventures Abroad: Germany

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Soda Bunny update. That’s because he’s been abroad. Over the last month, Soda Bunny traveled to Europe, and spent time on holiday in Germany.

Munich-English Garden surfing 1

Munich, to be exact!

Munich-Glockenspiel 1

Like any good tourist, Soda Bunny checked out the Rathaus-Glockenspiel in his Football Club togs.

Munich-Michael Jackson Memorial 2

As well as more recent memorials.

Munich-Marienplatz 1

Always stop and smell the flowers when on vacation.


Füssen-Hohenschwangau Castle 5

Posing with a friend at Füssen-Hohenschwangau Castle.

Füssen-Hohenschwangau Castle 11

It’s a long way down. Good thing he dressed up!


Füssen-Hohenschwangau Castle 8

Gotta get Water Fountain practice in.


Munich-giant pretzel

Much like all tourists, Soda Bunny also sampled the local cuisine.

Munich-Hofbrauhaus 2

Funny, this hops juice makes hopping harder.



Better try schnitzel instead



Likes too short to skip dessert. Soda Bunny is too short to go any way but through it.


Füssen-Neuschwanstein Castle 2

Ooh look, another castle. I’d love to rent it, but I need a friend first.

Munich-Museum of Hunting & Fishing 2

Oh dear. No friends here.

Munich-Viktualienmarkt 1

Or here! I might get pinched into a stew pot!



Munich-Marienplatz 3

Please don’t eat me Mr Lion! I’m not a local delicacy!

Munich-Museum of Hunting & Fishing 4

(Can I hide with you until the Lion is gone?)

Munich-Kinder Surprise Eggs ready to choke

Oh finally! Sweet friends!


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