Project Runway Season 14: Candice’s NYFW Collection

Our fourth place finisher Candice, had problems with her finale collection from the start. When Tim comes to your house and tells you your collection is going to wrong way, you don’t dismiss him. I think that from that moment on , Candice was probably doomed. Even if she had a week or another seven weeks to remake, the panning of her collection by the judges was so not something she was ready to mentally handle, I’m not sure she could have solved her problems, which by that point were baked into the text.

But it didn’t help that she also took the wrong notes from the judges last week either. Her choice to cut all the cherry blossom looks in favor of just leather was a freaked out over reaction. As we saw, the only cherry blossom piece that made it in–and only because Candice ran out of time to make anything to replace it–was Nina’s favorite. It was the direction she probably should have considered going, instead of heading down to leathertown.


Because if this is what leather town is offering, it’s pretty unremarkable. Cheap satin pants, and a bustier that you find in a leather stall at the Renaissance festival? Please.


I’m not saying these aren’t good leather dresses, but all things in moderation. This could have been a stand out piece in a different setting.


The same with this tank top. Put it with a dramatic skirt, and it would have wow factor. Here is just feels like it’s headed to goth night to have a drink.


This coat is still amazing, but I have the same problems I did last week when she showed it exactly as it is here. The pieces underneath feel thrown away and the black on black on black detracts from the drama of the coat.


What is that skirt, and why is it allowed out of the house? At least this leather crop top feels expensive and fits like a glove.


Unlike this one, which is the embarrassment of the collection. Loose where it should be tight and tight where it should be loose, like the folds of a turkey’s neck. Or a raincoat that a high schooler tried to make into a dress for goth prom as her “my first leather sewing experiment.”


Again–like the black one a few outfits ago, in a  different collection, this would be a stand out. Here it’s just ho-hum, more leather, now in red.


I know Heidi called this Halloween, but I thought this represented a better track for her to have taken, and asmarter statement of intent for the collection, with some leather but some softer fabric as well. I also think if this was the closing outfit, it would have made a better impact.


But instead Candice insisted on keeping the remains of what was once her showstopper hoop dress last, even though in deflated format it merely looked like a direction she failed to go in favor of leather. there’s a reason this one and the opening Cherry Blossom didn’t match the rest of the collection–they were remnants of the direction she turned away from, to her own detriment.

I’m not saying I know which direction she should have gone, to be honest. That’s why I think no matter which way she went, she was probably hosed. But all leather all the time did not work, and it’s why she was out first.


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