Project Runway Season 14: Edmond’s NYFW Collection

Edmond was a man who clearly trained himself to thrive on Project Runway, after trying out every single season. He was really smart about the unconventional challenges. He sewed like a speed demon, often times making two or three outfits per challenge. But as the prize got closer, you could see him start to self sabotage, leading to nearly being auff’ed right before the finale.

That semi-self sabotage seemed to spiral directly into the finale collection. When Tim came to see him in the first part of the finale, he was the most behind, with the least defined concept behind his line. And though he did somewhat re-right himself, cutting away the over embellishments early on to keep his “wow factor” pieces at the end, I would say that inability to present a clear concept other than “Generic Evening Wear,” such as the gown above, which is beautifully made, but nothing we haven’t seen before, guaranteed he couldn’t win.


I actually found this gown the most interesting for the collection when I saw it (and used it in my sampler) because it was so not really Edmond. With some editing it might make a pretty good red carpet number though.


Heidi went gaga over this one. I didn’t get. It looked like an over-complicated folding of a bedsheet.


This was a sleek clean completely forgettable number that stole Swapnil’s strap weaving technique.


I know it’s supposed to be a balloon hem, but I always thing it makes them look like they are wearing silk bags. The best thing about this outfit are the models legs.


Presented as-is from the mini-collection. Still the most visually interesting outfit of the collection.


This was a sleek clean completely forgettable number that stole Candice’s lace up technique.


I hate the top with a passion, but the skirt is one of my favorite pieces of the entire collection.


The judges compared this to toilet paper. I felt like it was proof that Edmond had watched too much Project Runway and practiced too hard for the show, instead of actually looking at fashion lines and what women really wear for show stopper numbers, and practicing making those.


Now this one got lumped in with the white one, but I would actually argue it’s his best piece, especially if his inspiration really was “gowns worn to the Met Gala.” is has the drama of the ruffles, it’s got the long train to photograph well against a red carpet, and yet it is entirely safe, and no starlet who wore it would risk being on a worst dressed list. Which is 90% of what you see at an event like that.

But much like it would never get of a worst dressed list, it would never get on a best dressed one either. Much like Edmond was never going to win with that many safety outfits and not enough gumption to put himself in the collection.


One thought

  1. Edmond was the best designer to present on Project Runway. I truly hope to see more of his work on Project Runway All-stars. He is truly a star!


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