Your Daily Kitty Is Bored Naow

Blogging is boring! Pay attention to cat naow please.



5 thoughts

  1. Good afternoon Kitty.
    Off to Pot Luck Supper later.
    There will be smoked Ham, and salad, I am taking 3 cheese perogies (not home made).
    And there will be pie
    Flapper Pie.
    I love Flapper Pie.

    And now a contest.
    A Saskatchewan farmer came out to check on her flock of sheep.
    Of which there are 500.
    Of which she didn’t see one.
    Can you spot the sheep?

    Have a good weekend all.


      1. I was wondering about that. Three perogies seemed like a strange number of perogies to take.

        And what is a Flapper pie?


        1. I was trying to write a description and then found this on the internet.
          Flapper pie is a graham crumb crust pie filled with a decadent, creamy custard filling topped with a meringue.
          It was mostly eastern Canadian Prairie Manitoba and Saskatchewan and was definitely a rural thing.

          Oh and I just found a recipe and a picture.

          Made right, it is really good. I don’t know how well it keeps, because it generally doesn’t come to that.


          1. That sounds really good, and really rich. I might have to come up with an occasion for which to bake this. 🙂


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